Paul Selig
I attended a channeled workshop/attunement by Paul Selig at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Berkeley this Sunday. In all my years of wearing this name, (that’d be 46) I have never experienced such energetic movement while conscious. I remain, some hours later, dumbstruck and consciously vibrating. I’ve closely followed […]
Holistic Healing Saloon
To all my friends in the San Francisco Bay Area: I’ll be offering Reiki sessions Sunday, August 4, 2019 at The Center SF as one of the many fine practitioners at The Holistic Health Saloon: a Natural Health and Wellness Fair. There will be lots of modalities on offer, including Massage, […]
Ram Dass
As a Reiki practitioner, I find this quote so utterly foundational, so very True and Important, that I feel compelled to share it here. No one can heal another. Healing is none of our business, even when it is our profession. So called healers merely attend to the healing, giving […]
The mundane is divine.
I’ve been a bit quiet of late. I suppose this could be called a time of recuperation or integration after my extended stay in China, although it could just as easily (and probably more honestly) be called “tired.” No matter the label I attach to it, it has been a […]
Singing in the shower
I’ve been asked (and often wondered myself) why I do all this.  Why bother?  I don’t charge money for my services, I’m not after fame, and frankly, it makes me look a bit mad to “sensible” people who knew me “before.”  I just ran across this quote from Alan Watts, […]
Background Thread
Aggression is a mask worn by fear, projected at an enemy. When there is no fear, there is no enemy. When there is no enemy, you are invulnerable. Any attack you endeavor is an attack on your own invulnerability. “That which you damn damns you back.” ~Paul Selig **** Everything […]
Holy projection, Batman!
Humans are empathic by nature, although many don’t recognize it beyond feeling low when seeing another cry. That doesn’t mean they aren’t subject to its wider ramifications, however, any more than you are as a Knowing empath.   When someone is projecting negativity your way, always remember a few things. […]
Keep Calm and Metadata On
I’m not one who enjoys the details. I never have been. As a computer programmer, I loved the metadata and the data structures themselves. As a Reiki practitioner, I work far more with the subtle body and emotions than I do with physical ailments. As a writer, I am more […]
Hello. My name is...
Let’s talk about names for a moment. In each waking moment, you are making a claim to yourself and to the Universe as to how you currently are choosing to experience yourself. You are naming yourself. I am Daniel. I am Sad. I am Happy. In so doing, you are […]
Blue Tunnel
I’ve been a fan of the legendary Dolores Cannon since the moment I was introduced to her down to earth, feverishly curious and often daffy approach to exploring all things metaphysical.  I imagined a conversation with her being something like sitting down with everyone’s favorite grandmother, only instead of politics and the […]
This society we've built on fear and separation leads to people looking for escape by any means necessary.  Some use drugs, some use sex, some use television or religion or gambling or food or money.  The problem and the result are the same -- a self defeating cycle of isolation and shame.
Lake Atitlan
This was not only the fulfillment of a childhood dream in physical reality, but a call and response from something not of this world.  I will never, ever forget that moment.
Barbara Jean Lindsey - The Cosmic Oracle
As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I follow “Disclosure” rather closely.  Not only does it resonate with a childhood spent in the age of Star Wars, Star Trek and the very first home computers (something that would later become a career path for me), but I find the subculture to be a […]
Kali-Ki Reiki 3
The Reiki lineage I practice (Kali-Ki) has deeper roots in Tantric Meditation than it does in traditional Usui Reiki. As I work to become a Master Teacher now, it dawns on me that the young man I was would never have believed the path I've chosen.
New Glasses
I sat down to write a quick example of an exercise I use from time to time to start my day off clear after leaving the house.  I felt a connection immediately as I opened the browser to begin typing...
Berlin Wall
I’ll cop to being a bit of a Twitterhound.  I follow the requisite spiritual, astrology and (cough) political threads with casual interest.  I’ve never been much one for the political game on its face, but it is an absolutely fascinating place to study the general well-being of our collective…plus, full […]
Random Acts of Kindness
We all build up energetic gunk, so as a part of the Daniel Steven Metaphysics launch we have a very special Reiki offering to help you clean it out.
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, or QHHT, is a practice fashioned by the late, great Dolores Cannon in which a Somnambulistic state of trance is induced in the patient.  During her years of practice, Ms. Cannon discovered that not only was this method of hypnosis useful for past life regressions, but that […]