Aggression is a mask worn by fear, projected at an enemy. When there is no fear, there is no enemy. When there is no enemy, you are invulnerable. Any attack you endeavor is an attack on your own invulnerability.

“That which you damn damns you back.” ~Paul Selig


Everything you do is, by definition, an afterthought. Turn your attention in this direction, focusing on the attitude and intention rather than on the doing and watch your action figure follow through with ease.

This is the beginning of surrender, flow, the vortex, alignment, witnessing and so many other buzzwords.

Everything I can be seen doing is a background thread.


It is essential to follow your dreams. It is equally vital to remember that dreams are states of being and not possessions. When you believe your dream to be a possession or a person, you attract the state of being of incompletion and pursuit.