Remember Who You Are.
Remember Who You Are.

You are here.  You are loved.  You are free.

Remember Who You Are.
Remember Who You Are.

You are not defined by your circumstance, your circumstance is defined by you.

Remember Who You Are.
Remember Who You Are.

“I Am” is always enough.

Remember Who You Are.
Remember Who You Are.

You are a perfect participant in a perfect moment in a perfect universe.

Welcome, Traveler!

Daniel has a gift and a gentle and intuitive way with people…he was a generous and caring person who is respectful of each persons’ integrity and privacy…for several nights after the Reiki I had revelatory and inspiring dreams that unfolded further self insight.

Zoe M.
San Francisco

Daniel helped me connect with my heart and my inner most self. Gently, and compassionately called me out when I was repeating thought patterns that were destructive, and helped me to uncover the true source of those patterns.

Elle S.
San Francisco

You need only ask and we arrive to speak honestly, openly, earnestly and lovingly on behalf of all that is, was, and shall be, forever. Your dance is our dance, Love. Be with it.

The Chorus

I have to say that Daniel definitely is connected to source and he has a gift for channeling.  I’ve had a few readings done over the years by people but his have been incredibly timely, meaningful and accurate.. even when the reading said some things I really didn’t want to hear!

Bianca B
Working with Daniel over a few months has been absolutely transformative…Our first two sessions felt as though I went through spiritual surgery and had a black mass of self-doubt removed… This was incredibly healing work that had immediate effects for me – I returned to my playful and joyful home base, and was able to feel an ease and lightness I hadn’t felt in months.
Elle S.
San Francisco
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From the Desk of Daniel

Various musings, learnings and news from the desk of Daniel. Keep up on the latest events, offerings and downloads here!
Marianne Williamson signed my ACIM
77) I am entitled to miracles. I saw Marianne Williamson speak tonight in San Francisco at Manny's. I don't play politics too often these days,...
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A Channeled Workshop with Paul Selig
I attended a channeled workshop/attunement by Paul Selig at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Berkeley this Sunday. In all my years of wearing this...
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San Francisco Holistic Healing Saloon
To all my friends in the San Francisco Bay Area: I'll be offering Reiki sessions Sunday, August 4, 2019 at The Center SF as one of...
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Only Your Imagination
"Few people have the imagination for reality." ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe “Everything you can imagine is real.” ~Pablo Picasso “The world is but a canvas...
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Building Your Energetic House
Things became much clearer once I started thinking of everything as energy. Thoughts, food, sound, light, emotions, all of them are energy in one form...
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Undoing Limitations
Allowing for a moment that we create our own realities, let's look at our conscious beliefs and how the structures they build for us cause...
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Creating in Time and Space
When you hold a thought, you are creating or reinforcing the object of that thought simultaneously in both the structures of space and time. They...
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Healing is None of Our Business.
As a Reiki practitioner, I find this quote so utterly foundational, so very True and Important, that I feel compelled to share it here. No...
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There’s only one rule that I know of, babies…
I've been a bit quiet of late. I suppose this could be called a time of recuperation or integration after my extended stay in China,...
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The Chorus Speaks

The Chorus is the undifferentiated name given by the consciousness that speaks and writes through Daniel when in a trancelike state. While most of the early channelings came from a consciousness which identified itself as “Sera,” with increasing frequency, other “personalities” began to appear (e.g. Michael, Ashar, David). Each time, the entity or entities present would answer the question “Who is this?” with “The Chorus speaks as…” To follow are transcripts of conversations with The Chorus.
A second QHHT with Beatrice Tao
I've been a fan of the legendary Dolores Cannon since the moment I was introduced to her down to earth, feverishly curious and often daffy approach...
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Daniel’s Central American UFO Adventure
This was not only the fulfillment of a childhood dream in physical reality, but a call and response from something not of this world.  I will never, ever forget that moment.
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A Simple Exercise in Recognition
I sat down to write a quick example of an exercise I use from time to time to start my day off clear after leaving the house.  I felt a connection immediately as I opened the browser to begin typing...
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QHHT with Beatrice Tao
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, or QHHT, is a practice fashioned by the late, great Dolores Cannon in which a Somnambulistic state of trance is induced in...
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Sera on Energy Centers
On November 11, 2017, we asked Sera to speak on the subject of energy centers/chakras/rays.  Rachel anchored the session and Daniel channeled their response...  ...
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Sera on God
On October 29, 2017, we planned to ask Sera to speak on the subjects of God and the Devil.  Things didn't exactly go as planned,...
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