Service to Others
On April 15, 2017, we asked Sera to speak on the disease of addiction.  Rachel asked the question “Are there certain tendencies that minds who suffer from addiction have in common?” and anchored the session.  Daniel channeled Sera’s response.  This is what she had to say: What kind of mind […]
Grab hold.
You are not responsible for the first crazy thought that enters your head… You are responsible for how long you entertain it. Watch the thoughts float by your consciousness.  Some are useful, some are loving, some are resentful and full of fear.  Recognize that these thoughts are not your own. […]
Excel, struggle, succeed, fail… these are stories we tell ourselves. We tell ourselves these stories to push ourselves to, or as we, attempt new things, try on new identities, explore our world. Just as often, we use these stories, or the fears that they generate, to decide not to engage […]