Excel, struggle, succeed, fail… these are stories we tell ourselves. We tell ourselves these stories to push ourselves to, or as we, attempt new things, try on new identities, explore our world. Just as often, we use these stories, or the fears that they generate, to decide not to engage in new activities or challenges. These notions are at once exhilarating and limiting. They make the world we live in much smaller, much more claustrophobic and isolated.

The sooner we admit to ourselves and to the universe that we are not the authors of our own stories, the sooner our worlds open up to limitless possibilities. There is no success. There is no failure. These are only ideas and only fuel for the hamster wheels that drive us to inaction, or worse, self loathing. There is no success. There is no failure. There is only doing.

Once we set yourself to doing that which brings you joy, and therefore also brings joy to the world around you and those who occupy it, the universe opens wide and embraces you as a living, breathing actor in its never-ending story.

You know who is a far better writer than you, me or anyone else who has ever walked on two legs? The universe itself. The universe leaves no plot holes, has no third act issues, no under developed characters, no hamfisted symbolism. It simply is, and it simply is perfect as its story tells itself. Be a character in the universe’s story and watch it unfold before your eyes. Watch how your character subtly and not-so-subtly impacts the other actors on stage with you.

Soon, you will begin to intuitively know what to do next, to understand what the universe is trying to say.

Pick up that trombone you were afraid to play because you’d suck at it. Say hi to that neighbor who never rakes his yard. Eat that food you never liked as a child. Dance to the music blaring from a passing car. Engage with the universe with abandon. Stop your head from writing stories full of goals and expectations, successes and failures. BE the story. DO. Watch the world open and act as the living, breathing, dancing participant you’ve always been, but have always been afraid to admit to being.

Do not judge.

Do not expect.

Do not desire.

Be and do.