Background Thread
Aggression is a mask worn by fear, projected at an enemy. When there is no fear, there is no enemy. When there is no enemy, you are invulnerable. Any attack you endeavor is an attack on your own invulnerability. “That which you damn damns you back.” ~Paul Selig **** Everything […]
Holy projection, Batman!
Humans are empathic by nature, although many don’t recognize it beyond feeling low when seeing another cry. That doesn’t mean they aren’t subject to its wider ramifications, however, any more than you are as a Knowing empath.   When someone is projecting negativity your way, always remember a few things. […]
Keep Calm and Metadata On
I’m not one who enjoys the details. I never have been. As a computer programmer, I loved the metadata and the data structures themselves. As a Reiki practitioner, I work far more with the subtle body and emotions than I do with physical ailments. As a writer, I am more […]
Hello. My name is...
Let’s talk about names for a moment. In each waking moment, you are making a claim to yourself and to the Universe as to how you currently are choosing to experience yourself. You are naming yourself. I am Daniel. I am Sad. I am Happy. In so doing, you are […]