Hello. My name is...

Hello. My name is…

Let’s talk about names for a moment. In each waking moment, you are making a claim to yourself and to the Universe as to how you currently are choosing to experience yourself. You are naming yourself.

I am Daniel.
I am Sad.
I am Happy.

In so doing, you are making a proclamation to the Universe, to God, to whatever you care to call it, that you ARE this thing. You are calling yourself by the name of the experience you are choosing to know yourself as in that moment.

I am Frustrated!
I am Excited!
I am Alive!

The Universe, in return, hears your self-naming and gifts to you an experience well suited to that particular vibration or truth. See where this is going? By diligently staying in the moment — as in right here, right now — and frequently selecting the name for yourself best suited to the experience you’d like to be having, you literally become that experience.

I am Here!
I am Free!
I am Joyous!
I am Grateful!

Try this on for size today and see how it feels. I’ve noticed that doing this silently every few minutes or so for even an hour can have a profound effect on not only your mood, but literally on the experience and circumstances that surround you. If you forget once or twice, no sweat:

I am Remembering.