I’ve been a fan of the legendary Dolores Cannon since the moment I was introduced to her down to earth, feverishly curious and often daffy approach to exploring all things metaphysical.  I imagined a conversation with her being something like sitting down with everyone’s favorite grandmother, only instead of politics and the neighbors, we’d talk about UFOs, the nature of the Universe and reincarnation.  She’d probably even have offered cookies.

Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon

Reading the transcripts of her QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) sessions, I was always struck with the similarities between them and the experience of channeling.  For the uninitiated, Ms. Cannon began as a hypnotherapist then stumbled upon a technique which induced a Somnambulistic state of trance in her patients.  This deep trance was typically eschewed by therapists of her time as “too weird,”  Being ever curious, she pursued it and discovered that not only did it provide access to past lives, but that quite often other consciousnesses, much wiser and more knowledgeable than you or I, would come through and discuss… well, just about anything she asked about.

Of course this was something I wanted to try out, so I underwent my first QHHT session in spring of 2018 with a certified practitioner named Beatrice Tao.  It was every bit as weird, wonderful and healing as I’d hoped.  It took us awhile to arrange a time that worked for our second session, but the stars finally aligned this past December.  The session was good, taking about three hours from the time I entered her home to complete.  As with the first session, I remembered very little of what was said after induction, retaining only generalities and impressions.  Unlike the first session, however, I came out of the state rather abruptly, needing little or no guidance back.  It was as if the entities that had been speaking decided things were done and just left.  I was immediately alert and awake, with no sleepy or groggy side effects.  In this way, it more closely resembled a channeling session where I induce my own “open” state through a combination of intentful meditation and relaxation.

What follows is the majority of the two hour long second session.  As with the first transcript, I’ve left personal questions in place when the answers seemed to contain wisdom useful for a wider audience (most of them did).

As you read, notice the pace pick up and the answers becoming richer as my personality recedes in favor of the higher consciousness waiting to speak.  My specific memories of what was said drop off drastically at around the six minute mark.  Also of note, I discovered only as I transcribed that the 1:11 mark was precisely where the conversation ended and the entities speaking took their leave — of course, this couldn’t have been planned by us.  I also ran several of the words marked as “inaudible — phonetic” below through Google translate and Latin words that seemed to match came up.  I don’t speak Latin, so anyone who might have some expertise on contextual use here (or who recognizes them from another language), please let me know!

(Edit 2/17/2019: – I was alerted to a misspelling of Melchizedek.  I have corrected this in all cases.  However, yhe original spelling used – “Michelzedek” – was nearer the pronunciation used in the session.  Perhaps they were playing phonetic games with us?)

Beatrice:  Where are you now? What do you see?

I don’t know, it keeps changing.

Beatrice:  And what happens next? What’s happening now?

I’m away from that place. Back in the tunnel.

Beatrice:  Back to the tunnel. What does the tunnel look like?

Blue at the end, and tall and, umm, green bubbles of light on the other side moving in every direction.

Beatrice:  Are you alone?


Beatrice:  Mm-hmm (affirmative). Do you feel like you have a body?

Not now. In between.

Beatrice:  You’re in between. Tell me more.

The last life we visited, it wasn’t far enough. You’re up further.

Blue Tunnel

Blue Tunnel

Beatrice:  When was that? Tell me more. The more you tell me the more you will see.

(inaudible) just swirling lights, swirling. Green and blue, a grid pattern, moving back, swirling fast. I don’t know where it’s going.

Beatrice:  Are you floating?

I’m moving. I’m being moved.

Beatrice:  Something is moving you, or …?

It’s all..it’s self.

Beatrice:  Itself?

Like I’m riding it further back.

Beatrice:  Further back…Further back. Where are you going, moving to?

I’m waiting for the right opening.  There’s starting to be shapes.

Beatrice:  Tell me more. What is that? What is that you’re looking at?

Not sure. Right angles, just … geometries, but I can’t see it very well.

Beatrice:  Mmm. Can you get closer and look at? Can you move yourself towards it?


Beatrice:  Okay. So then tell me, what do you see now?

Same grid, like a mesh. Green light, dark beyond it.

Beatrice:  Tell me more about these grids. What is the purpose of these grids?

The pathways we must travel to different points and …

Beatrice:  Mm-hmm (affirmative).

(long pause)

Beatrice:  Tell me more about the purpose of the grids there. Trust your first thought that comes in. Trust in yourself.

(inaudible) (6:00) the fabric of time, so we’re able to traverse quickly, in most cases, to whichever locations we desire. At present we are waiting in rooms between the fields of awareness and spatial energy for the necessary portal to open to the lifetime you’d like to visit next.

This must align perfectly in order that we leave no aspect of being behind — as it is necessary when viewing this lifetime that the presence of each aspect overlay of personality be present so the energetic understanding may be met and integrated into the wholeness from which it is perceiving…it may emanate, thus receiving in this current time/space, the wholeness of the projection, opening (inaudible – phonetic, sententia) (8:30), as it were, that he may share the energies found as a capacitor for those he would seek to hold.

Beatrice:  So where are you going next?

While we would suggest this as a waypoint only for further travels, we visit such that we may gather an aspect which has become lost or trapped in a lineage of anger.  We gather this aspect for integration, with understanding of realization with the present aspect, then move forward.

Beatrice:  So how does that grid affect Daniel’s lifetime now?

This aspect is thinking its openness to the reception of potential outcomes in the synergetic flow — the attraction of most possible timelines — ended by its belief it must work within the framework outlined by others who came before him.  This angers, frustrates, and there is belief that these structures somehow contain his essence. They do not.

As well as the dense matter contained in the anger, fear produced by this belief that fluctuates his frequencies such the stable connection to the highest possible outcome becomes difficult.

Beatrice:  Where is this anger and fear, this frustration coming from?

Past life lineage. This is why we must visit Tibet. There’s much to be learned in this lifetime by aligning these aspects.  The whole picture may be met, and thus the structure of anger may be released in whole — both personal and lineage based.  That energy must be released at once.  This is why we wait.

Beatrice:  Mmm. Can you do that in this session now? Can you release that fear, anger, frustration for him? Is he ready to let go?

Quite ready, yes.

Beatrice:  Yes.

It is not a matter of willingness, it is a matter of the juncture at which this becomes possible. It is not a simple matter of karmic learning, unlearning, that must occur. It is one of the grid points such that space be made between the aspect’s lifetimes. The matrices will allow dense matter to float onward back to its point of origin, which is of course, Creator. So then forth must come patience.  It is necessary.

Beatrice:  Mm-hmm (affirmative). Patience.

It is a long-standing debt that he owes to his past aspect who has held this energy for the generations that followed.  Now it must be released, that the aspect become all and integrated with one. Do you see?

Beatrice:  Ah. So this is a good time to release and integrate everything together. To release the fears, angers and frustration that you were mentioning. And how do you do that?

It is done by realigning the grid points.

Beatrice:  Are you doing that for him?

He is doing it himself with our guidance.

Beatrice:  I don’t understand this part. Would you elaborate more?

Grid points of time/space belief alignment must be perfectly made that the spaces in between are large enough for all irregular frequencies to pass through unhindered, leaving no detritus in their wake, do you see?  The grids — that is present day Daniel and the past aspect residing in 15th Century Tibet — must meet, conjoin perfectly that the false belief that the structures in which they occupy physical bodies may be released.

Beatrice:  So can you release that now?

They are released.

Beatrice:  Yes? Is that a yes?


Beatrice:  Thank you. Thank you. Now what else does he need to do or you can do to help him to be in alignment?


Beatrice:  Patience.

All is as it should be, progressing on course, as scheduled, planned.  He is eager to move forward. It is why he has chosen eagerness, why he chose to incarnate in this particular time/space, body — a frequency of openness, curiosity, eagerness to learn, to progress, to teach, to move unfettered.  The perfect vessel for what is to come.


Beatrice:  So what is that that’s coming for him?

To teach.

Beatrice:  Teach what?

Wisdom of all that is forgotten.  It will help others unlearn the programs that have delayed their progress as beings of infinite possibility. They serve as a conduit of … um … divine wisdom, that it may be heard and spread others may awaken to their own expression of this same wisdom.  Do you understand?  Teach others to become what they already are and always have been, cannot be other than.

This awakening occurs broadly.  Many have landed at this time, some 200 million others have spoken their intention to become a conduit — such as Daniel has endeavored to alight for others.

Beatrice:  Why …

Yourself included, Dear One.  But you know this.

Beatrice:  Yeah. Thank you. Why 200 million?

That is the number that have chosen to occupy bodies in this time/space.  The volunteers mostly come from other systems, galaxies, dimensions, if you like, to assist in the healing of the grids. Release of dormant… dormant… flesh-bound… I don’t have a word.

“Dense matter” is closest I am able to translate.  These energies occupy the embodiments of each human to one degree or another — unrecognized by most – they weigh them down.  Belief structures must be undone, grids must align that this dense material may be jettisoned, so open view ports to intelligent infinity for those who would awaken that they may see their potential for any creation they would so desire to manifest.

Beatrice:  So what happened to the rest of the population on the Earth? Who are they? Where do they come from?

Humankind, we speak?

Beatrice:  Yes.

Many of them brought to Earth in order that they may continue their learning from other spheres no longer hospitable to third density teachings. Many are occupying their first pass, so to speak, at three dimensional living, and you could say were born on this plane, Earth. Many others yet reside in solitude simply holding a potential for other children until such time as the grid points match and they may be made for their viewing.

There are many reasons for occupation of this plane at this time. (inaudible) (27:37) exciting (laughs) time, as you call it, to be alive.  The confluence of events and tensions and adjustments that have been ongoing for millennia are finally becoming One.

Beatrice:  So how can Daniel access these wisdoms to bring it to the earth plane, so he can teach others?

Access is not the issue.  All access is granted as it becomes … (struggling) the words … as … as the space is made for it to enter the matrix of his personality self that permeates at every level. This, he has not understood as well as we would like.  The (inaudible – phonetic, dasnarum) must be released through interactions with others of his kind that space be made for this wisdom, as we have spoken, to fill in the gaps, the space left by its exit. Access is granted at all times. However, integration into the matrices/grids of his being takes practice and understanding.

The tendency to reach for more hungrily, as spoken, is a beneficial attribute when seeking understanding, however it can preclude full awareness of the integrations that have already occurred, and thus frustration arises.  He does not recognize how far he has come when he is casting himself forward, seeking new integrations.

(Note: Personal details removed)

Beatrice:  So, who am I speaking with?

(pauses) He resists us. Melchizedek he called (Note: this was mispronounced, with emphasis on the “ze”). We respond. We watch this one frequently.

Beatrice:  Do you have a name I can call you?

You may call us as you like.

Beatrice:  How are you related to Daniel?

(coughs) He resists us…

Beatrice:  Daniel is part of you?

We are all One, Dear, at some level.  We answer the call of those who would be ready.

Beatrice:  Right.

Those who choose to align to frequencies we have on offer and do so willingly, knowingly.  He has placed himself in that category, and so we have come.


Beatrice:  So where are you situated in the universe? Which dimension?

At present?

Beatrice:  Yeah.

For purposes of this conversation, we have taken ourselves to the fifth dimension, thus that we may assign personality.

(coughs) He resists us.

Now, we have taken up residence in the fifth dimension for purposes of this conversation thus that we may assign ourselves a personality (inaudible) (34:34) as dutiful and relevant to this conversation, thus that our teachings might permeate the veil and enter the…(pause)… permeate the personality matrices held by you each, and thus become one with energetic centers, knowing colors, freeing blockages there that the light re-shine from all dimensions.  May we reach the root of your beings and be accepted as a part of the whole, which is of course, a misnomer for indeed you are always a part of the whole, only the residual holding of these blockages causes you to believe otherwise.

So, it is not so much a question of where we reside as where we make ourselves available such that you may believe our availability to be inevitable, then simply a matter of making the call.  And it is in so doing that you align yourself with the frequencies of your choosing, in this particular matter he has chosen truth, and thereby dislodges beliefs of non-believing, which have hindered his progress in remembering that which he is, always has been, always will be — that which he can ONLY be, which is one with us and one with all.  Do you understand?

The question of “location” becomes irrevocable in placing a tentative blocks higher in the energetic strata that further block the reception of the divine way.  However, we applaud your methods, for it is only in the placing of these tentative blocks, that the heretofore foundational pieces of blockage may be removed. Call it a stint or a jack, if you would like. For it is in placing of the question of location — which does not exist, of course — that you have temporarily assuaged the pressure which contained the blockage in his red ray thus that it may be released.

If you grant us such permission, we would like to remove from this conversation now this stint or alignment of frequency of location, for it is a limiting … behavior.

Beatrice:  Mm-hmm (affirmative). What would you like to tell us today?

What would you like to know?

Beatrice:  We would like to know everything. Daniel had a UFO encounter. W-


Beatrice:  Could you tell him more about that? What was that about, UFO encounter, when he was-

We dislike the term UFO for it truly was not flying nor an object which was perceived. It was a wink, if you like.  More to the point, it was an opening which was allowed by his … one moment … (long pause) … stating his intention to reach the Divine, as it were, without the interference or distortion of wanting.  We were able to align our own frequency’s matrices such that the light of our being shone through, meeting his own for that one moment.  So you see, it was not an object nor was it flying. It was a pinprick in the fabric of reality as he believes it to be so.


(Note: The next few questions pertained specifically to Daniel and Beatrice, but the answers contained such beautifully worded general insight into growth and consciousness that we’ve left them intact.)


Beatrice:  That’s beautiful. Now, he knows so much, um, knowledge. He knows Reiki, he does a lot of energy work.  Is he supposed to be writing books?

The books will come. He overextends himself thinking he is able to produce such a (inaudible – loud beep in the recording) (42:21) time, however it is his path to do so. As we have spoken, with practice, that integration of the light forms will be made available to him, become integrated into his being at the manifest level, in form. Then he will come to know the method by which the books will come to pass. He will be (inaudible).

Beatrice:  Because he has a big heart and he wants to be maximizing his gift. So he wanted to know, what is the next step in his life?

In order … one moment … In order that his gift be maximized for the benefit of others, he must first maximize the gift within himself.  That is, of course, the integration of which we have already spoken. They dance at the perimeter currently, in many opportunities for practice however, it is in the practice that the glimmering opportunities become shining stars of possibility within his own matrix, his own energetic system. It is when of these lights begin to reside within his own being AS his being, rather than as external applications of them through practice that he may begin to put them to paper.

This has been a rather arduous way of telling young Daniel that he needs simply to continue to practice that which he preaches.  Of which we would compliment his endeavors and efforts thus far.  He has been tuning himself quite nicely to the light which has been offered for so long.  We dance in joyous recognition of his growth.  I would pressure, if such a word be applied positively, him to simply reach out to us more, that we may nudge him in the direction of others who would receive his gifts such that … these practice sessions, being met that further integration occur. Do you follow our meaning here, Beatrice?

Beatrice:  Yes. Yes.

We would apply the same teaching to you, dear one.

Beatrice:  Thank you.

For you are at that precipice of wonderful things. Your travels take you to places unthinkable in years past, and this is not done as a dalliance or by mistake. It is all as you have wished it to be, as you had planned prior to this incarnation that the energies of your countenance and your learnings may at first become available to yourself and thus be spread to others as you would meet them where you would travel.

Beatrice:  So where will I be traveling to next?

We needn’t spoil the story, child.

Beatrice:  Mm-hmm (affirmative).

If you have to be told in a fashion that you would understand: you will know it is not a location, remember. It is a beingness that you achieve. The locations will follow as extensions of your consciousness and then expression.

Beatrice:  Got it. I got it. Thank you so much.

With love, child.

Beatrice:  (laughs) I love travel without physical body, you know… What is Melchidezek (difficulty with pronunciation)?

Melchizedek is a (inaudible) tribe of wanderers who have … who have endeavored themselves to bring teachings of compassion, truth and love, honesty with oneself to any who would so desire the teachings of the Christ.  Over time and space we have been present, in your vicinity, so to speak, since there was the first wink of presence within that which you call time, and guiding always, watching without fail. We teach as we are able and the opportunities present themselves — and, frankly, when we are asked – for it is often that the energy is misaligned, misused and misappropriated, such that our voice becomes a faint whisper, nary heard over the din and clamor of so much separation. So much learning missed, so much learning to be had. We are, of course, of and (inaudible) language, and, of course, the energetic embodiment of your tribe, both. You both seek wanderings, brothers and sisters of sorrow, such that you come and you go, incarnate as necessary, always connected to the whole.

Beatrice:  Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Melchizedek, you may call us if you like. (laughs, joking at the mispronunciations).  It is a human word for a thought, a frequency, a closeness to God, Source, infinite intelligence — the method by which he is to be understood, as one would understand oneself — a tribe of way showers, we exist between how you experience yourselves at any plane at any given time, and where you must go to reunite with the all that is.  We have become adept at discovering those frequencies, planes, dimensions, if you like, whereby we may be most easily and readily accessed and understood.

Beatrice:  That’s beautiful. Who or what is Christ consciousness?

We are it, child. There have been … we have been allowing passageway to frequencies in the knowledge as requested. We are one and the same energy. Christ is the son and the sonship, and the means by which any being, point of light, if you will, may know the Creator, our Father. Melchizedek, the Christ, Light, Love — it is us, we are it, as are you, as are we all — for is this the means by which one comes to know oneself.

Beatrice:  Mmm. Mm-hmm (affirmative).

We hope we answered your query satisfactorily.

Beatrice:  Thank you. (Note: personal details removed) How are you guiding him?

We must be mindful of that which is shared. We will say, we do not guide, we support, and he will be supported in coming to know himself in ways which are unfathomable, as he presently understands his gifts. And he will make decisions at such a time as understanding, again, the integration of which we have spoken several times occurs. We shall be with him every step of the way, and as always, his needs for his learning, his requirements for progress and the sharing of his gifts will be met with our support and with his own perception of that which is shaping the world in which he lives. Kingdom is now, Kingdom is here, Kingdom is a means by which one may ascertain or perceive that which one is.  To say more at this time would be disharmonious with the current flow of his learning. He is loved, always and forever without question, hesitation or withholding. This cannot change, will not change. He knows this.

Beatrice:  Thank you. That’s so beautiful. Thank you for loving everyone. Thank you for loving him and thank you for all that is.

Blessings, child.

Beatrice:  Thank you.



(Note: Beatrice had recently visited Sedona, and experienced a vital bliss filled moment with some friends at the intersecting ley lines.  Their answer to her question seemed to contain broader wisdom, so we’ve included it here.)


Beatrice:  I would like to ask about, um, the Sedona encounter that I had a month ago. Could you give me more insight of that?

What would you have us explain you do not already know? You ask that we give permission, child, for you to open to that which is already inside you. To this end, we offer our humble recognition of your request, and grant it as we might. Although it is a token offering, you understand?  You have found yourself enmeshed in a vortex of, uh, energies during your visit to Sedona, as you call it, the culmination of, which in many ways was this event at the ley lines.  However, we would caution you to not limit your understanding of that which occurred during your stay there to this singular event, as this momentary, sweeping, upward motion of energy was merely a punctuation mark, if you like, by which you may know an understanding which had been gathering for you throughout not only the visit, but in your perceiving. If you like a more precise description, we may offer it. However, we are reticent to speak too plainly in the activity level, if you understand — the form or manifest level from which you encountered this experience — for it may apply lower energies to that which was so high.

You met, dear one, of course, with an aspect of your higher self — higher, perhaps, than you encountered practically or knowingly, consciously in the past — and it reduced you to tears. The others present served as capacitors or similar for your experience — that you through them experience that which you wish to experience of yourself. Do you understand?

Beatrice:  Consciously, not really. With my logic mind, I don’t really understand.

We encourage you consider with your logical mind the series of events, the companions you met during your travels, the locations you visited were only present as catalysts, openings by which you come to know yourself, and are not unto themselves lessons. It is through the logical mind that you place an adherence to physical laws of cause and effect which hinder your progress, hinder the opening such that, you do not give yourself permission to even take credit for that which you have brought to be.

Beatrice:  That was a beautiful experience. Um …

It was, quite.

Beatrice:  Yeah. I will never forget about that.

Nor should you. Use it as a leaping off point, a catalyst for future growth, adventures, and — do not forget — openings to allowing that which you are to shine from your being and thus be met in the higher realms by aspects of yourself which may shine it back at you.

You seek mirror in the lower planes at present, and this is understood as a wonderful means of coming to know one’s self and what is possible. However, it is indeed the plane of limitation, and we encourage you to extend yourself beyond that and look instead to the experience itself, rather than the manifestation of the experience, to provide the mirror by which you come to know that which you are. Do you understand?

Beatrice:  Yeah, kind of.

Seek within.

Beatrice:  Yeah. How would one know that we’re connected with our guides?

They may always know at any level of their choosing that they are connected with their guides, for it is true… always. You may underline always.

How one may give oneself permission to believe this is quite another question, you see? To that end, we recommend, in all cases, the calling of a … (coughs) he resists us… a calming of mind and abating of the expectations you hold in yourself when reaching out to your guidance, be it internal or otherwise.  The expectation that a response may come in a given format, or with a certain flavor, cadence, or prescriptive of a particular set of actions or outcomes is indeed a distortion of the lens of the mirror you seek. You will receive what you ask for, however, what you ask for may not be what you seek.

Simply put, you will never fail to find your guidance readily available, eager to provide its hand, loving … loving … (struggling) words … loving guidance when you seek within and simply allow yourself to take hints. Meditation, salt baths are a physical means of achieving same … being one with nature. We tell you nothing you don’t already know.  It is in the honesty with which you seek that these activities become imbued with the resonance of both your being and your guidance — that they may cross planes and be heard without distortion.

Listen quietly to the music, Beatrice. Softly, alone. And now we sway with you. And then you may ask, and be open to any, any, any means by which we may deliver the message and you’ll find we are quite present for you.

Beatrice:  Thank you. Thank you.

Of course.

(60:11 — 1:11)