You are not responsible for the first crazy thought that enters your head…
You are responsible for how long you entertain it.

Watch the thoughts float by your consciousness.  Some are useful, some are loving, some are resentful and full of fear.  Recognize that these thoughts are not your own.  They belong to Creation itself, the Source from which all things (including you!) spring… this is where your own unique expression of that Divinity steps in.  It sees some of these thoughts and decides to play with them for a while.  We are, if nothing else, curious beings, after all.  On good days, it’ll decide to play with happy, loving, carefree thoughts and wonderful things jump out of your field and into existence.  But they aren’t always good days, are they?  Pay attention to which thoughts your mind, the fear machine, the hamster wheel, decides to latch onto and take for a spin in those less-than-carefree moments. Pause, recognize, process and acknowledge.

Why did it pick that particular thought?  How does that idea or concept serve your highest purpose or the greater good?  If there is even a hint of internal friction, it doesn’t.  And this is where you become responsible.  When addressing each of these thoughts that your big brain was clever enough to latch onto, stop and ask yourself a few things:

Where have I been dishonest with myself or others about this situation?  What mistruths is attachment to this thought trying to maintain by covering them in resentment?

Where have I been selfish?  What am I trying to hold on to?  Would I rather be right than truthful?  What energy am I withholding or taking from another to bolster my own self-esteem?

Where have I been fearful?  Quite often, the most negative, fearful thoughts that we latch on to resonate with one of two primary sources:  the fear that we are not good enough as we are, or the fear that the Universe is not perfect as it exists… that somehow our finite fear machines know better than the Universe about how things should go down — self preservation is a key component of separation, which is the ego’s entire reason for existence.

Once you’ve chased the paper trail back to its root, it is usually quite easy to let that fear go dancing on its merry way if you’ve accepted and surrendered to the truth that you are a perfect participant in a perfect moment in a perfect universe.

So let it go and surrender to the Love that you are.