On April 15, 2017, we asked Sera to speak on the disease of addiction.  Rachel asked the question “Are there certain tendencies that minds who suffer from addiction have in common?” and anchored the session.  Daniel channeled Sera’s response.  This is what she had to say:

What kind of mind suffers from it? (laughter) The human mind.

Everyone has it, to some extent. Those who are prone to more introspective, sympathetic, and creative, thought patterns suffer from it to a greater degree. It gets worse with age, if left untreated. Complete surrender to the Light, removal of attachment from blame, regret are indicated as remedies. Self forgiveness is the most powerful of all. Self regret is that which traps you on the karmic wheel in rapid cycles and successions of your own making. All healing must begin with the forgiveness of the self and releasing attachments associated with self-loathing — regret and adherence to the mirroring patterns that accompany such selfish introspection.

Service to Others

Service to Others

Only through service to others does one escape the cyclical maze of self entrapment. Thoughts and patterns of emotion feed and repeat themselves until one truly surrenders herself to giving outward without expectation of return. Thus, new pathways are forged and lighter travel from one thought and emotion to the next can begin breaking this microcosm of the karmic wheel. That is where growth occurs — by removal of the self from not only the paradigm of action but also the paradigm of thought and emotional momentum. This disease prohibits forward motion, progress, by trapping the individual in a cage of self flagellation that is thereby expressed outward, then mirrored back at them, and thus repeating itself until the cycle is broken. And, again, the cycle can only be broken by removal of said patterns of thinking and service to others for service’s sake.

Ultimate defeat of the self, of the ego, as it is sometimes called, is of course the ultimate goal. It is a wicked irony that those who could carry the torch brightest and furthest are most prone to the quagmire of self defeating patterns such as this. Through meditation, channeling, running, exercise, yoga and, again, service to others, may these cycles begin to be broken. However, it requires constant diligence and perseverance to adhere to these new pathways and modes of thought travel, lest the cycle repeat itself. It does resist defeat, as it were, at every turn, and will always aim to find new, surreptitious, means to gain claw holds on its victims. This must be a daily practice for any who have succumb to this disease, lest they fall back into darkness and life in shameful respite.

Some would say that those who drink or seek mind altering substances to escape are taking the “easy way out” to escape the vitriol. But it need be pointed out that the use of such substances is prevalent in your society — and those who couple these negative patterns of thinking that you all exhibit in one form or another with a physical dependency upon their means of escape – drugs, alcohol, coffee, sugar, sex, abuse – the problem becomes compounded such that a means of self propelled escape soon eludes all reasonable thought. Any prediction of a abundant outcome is thereby lost and that is the disease’s aim, is it not? To remove all hope and create a cycle of dependency whereby it might thrive as conqueror of the being it now occupies. This leads to death, of course, unless treated vigorously, beginning with complete surrender to removal of self centered patterns of fear and mirroring.

It should be added that, while she did not discuss it directly in this channel, Sera is aware of the existence of 12 step programs.  She has relayed in other sessions a very favorable opinion of them as a means of tackling not only addiction, but also for maintaining a strong spiritual foundation.  This is an opinion shared by both Daniel and Rachel.