As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to see a UFO.

Maybe it’s because I’ve lived primarily in urban areas.  Maybe it’s because I’ve not been allowed to remember them.  Maybe it’s because they figured there was no point in visiting me in the physical.  No matter the reason or reasons, I’d never been consciously blessed with an honest to goodness UFO/UAP/ET sighting no matter how much I wished otherwise.

In November of last year (2018), I visited Guatemala for the first time.  It was a place I’d always wanted to visit for a lot of reasons, all of them terrestrial.  The volcanos, the ruins, the natural beauty…the affordability.  We met up with my sister’s family in Antigua and a wonderful family reunion ensued.  The food was incredible (we even were treated to an American expat Thanksgiving dinner) and the locals were friendly and eager to share about history both recent and ancient.

The bulk of our stay was spent in Santiago Atitlan, situated right on Lake Atitlan.  For those unfamiliar, Lake Atitlan is the deepest lake in Central America, and was created by an eruption by one of the three neighboring volcanos some 84,000 years ago.  To call it stunning would be a disservice.

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

But this isn’t a travelogue, this is a UFO story.

Near the end of our stay there, we did a full day of village hopping by boat.  Our captain was a friendly chap named Francisco.  I quietly dubbed him San Francisco for his ability to navigate the rough waters with ease.  After visiting San Pedro, San Marcos and San Antonio, we headed for home just prior to the 6pm cutoff for boat travel.  We were on the opposite end of the lake from Santiago, and dusk was just beginning to set.  The water was surprisingly calm and accommodating for our trip.

Before long, on the open water, the long day caught up with everyone on the boat and quiet set in.  The children each fell asleep in their respective daddy’s lap and we all stared off into space for the ride.  After some span of time (I wasn’t watching my clock, but it felt like around 20 minutes), I was feeling peaceful and rather blissed out.  Here I was, a week into a vacation to a gorgeous location, my daughter sleeping like an angel in my lap, on an ancient lake, staring a volcano silhouetted against the dusk.  I sent out a positive greeting to the Universe, just idly expressing my joy and gratitude for the entire moment.


This is Sirius, and the closest image I could find what I saw. It appeared for only a few moments, then vanished.

Much to my surprise, it responded.  Off to the right of the volcano, much higher than any tower could’ve stood, in the clear sky far below the spare stars that had just started to show, just for one moment was the brightest light on the entire horizon — tensfold brighter than anything else in the sky.  It opened itself in the shape of a diamond from nowhere, shone for a second or two, then swallowed itself back into the nothing.  I was rocked and, frankly, could not believe what I had just seen.  My history had, quite literally, no point of reference for what I had just witnessed.  I tracked the space for any movement that would indicate a plane, satellite or helicopter, but there was nothing.  Shaking off the start, I realized what was happening and sent gratitude and joy.  I was immediately hit by a wave of bliss the likes of which I’ve not experienced in a conscious state before or since.  The shit-eating-grin that followed couldn’t have been wiped from my face by anything.

Sheer. And. Utter. Complete. Unconditioned. Bliss.

I had just seen my first UFO.

This was not only the fulfillment of a childhood dream in physical reality, but a call and response from something not of this world.  I will never, ever forget that moment.

Once we arrived home I shared what had happened with the Little Master, and she was angry with me for not waking her up.  I promised that someday she’ll see one too.  Maybe when she’s ten, she said.


Months later, I underwent my second QHHT session with Beatrice Tao, and she asked (at my request) about the encounter.  Here is the verbatim response, as delivered while in Somnambulistic trance:

Beatrice: Could you tell him more about that? What was that about, UFO encounter, when he was…

We dislike the term UFO for it truly was not flying nor an object which was perceived. It was a wink, if you like.  More to the point, it was an opening which was allowed by his … one moment … (long pause) … stating his intention to reach the Divine, as it were, without the interference or distortion of wanting.  We were able to align our own frequency’s matrices such that the light of our being shone through, meeting his own for that one moment.  So you see, it was not an object nor was it flying. It was a pinprick in the fabric of reality as he believes it to be so.

So I guess, in the end, it wasn’t flying, it wasn’t an object, and now it isn’t even unidentified.  Not a UFO encounter, then?  I still don’t know what to call it conversationally, so I’m going to stick with UFO.  You may officially put that in your pipe and smoke it.