As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I follow “Disclosure” rather closely.  Not only does it resonate with a childhood spent in the age of Star Wars, Star Trek and the very first home computers (something that would later become a career path for me), but I find the subculture to be a fascinating barometer for the general population (at least in the US).  By and large, the UFOlogy community is built of intelligent, critically thinking people who are open to ideas outside of the mainstream.  In many ways, these are my people.  The divisions found there between the nuts and bolts types who seek (or present) hard, physical evidence of extraterrestrial life — Stanton Friedman and Nick Pope come to mind — and the more metaphysical or consciousness minded — such as Steven Greer and Corey Goode — are both great food for thought and riveting to watch.  Admittedly, most self-respecting aficionados give ample airtime to both ideals, but the divide becomes stark whenever new evidence is presented to the public.

Full disclosure (cough): I tend to fall into the consciousness/multi-dimensional faction, however, as material form and physicality is the playground our consciousness has chosen for this lifetime of experience, I do not dismiss physical evidence or the search for it as patently short sighted.  I follow both sides with equal fervor and respect anyone willing to put their time, effort and good name forward in the pursuit of truth.

This weekend, I was gifted with a wonderful blending of those two worlds.  I subscribe to the MUFON Marin Sonoma mailing list, and watch passively for interesting events they host.  I’d not attended any prior, but one caught my attention a week or so back that I read through and placed somewhere in the back of my mind.  They were having a speaker at their monthly meeting in Petaluma.  I really didn’t give it much more thought than “hey, that sounds interesting, I’ll have to remember that” at the time.  As the day of the event approached, I’d completely lost conscious track of it and had planned a day of Legos shopping with the Little Master.

On the morning of, however, said Little Master’s mother raised some resistance to the idea of her spending a day at the mall and suggested that I find something more engaging to do on Daddy/Daughter day (the most cherished of all days).  Of course, being the stubborn human that I am, I redoubled my intention to shop for Legos, but the seed had been planted.  It was only a short while before this MUFON event resurfaced from my memory.   To make an already long story short, Kiddo and I agreed that hearing a stranger talk about UFOs in a town 90 minutes from home sounded like a grand plan and we set off for Petaluma.

This was not a mistake, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now.

Barbara Jean Lindsey

Barbara Jean Lindsey

The speaker, one Barbara Jean Lindsey, describes herself as a Near Death Experiencer and an inter-dimensional Ambassador of Light, as well as a Reiki practitioner, Certified Fire Walking Instructor, radio show host and the author of several books.  The Little Master was sold on hearing about fire walking.  I was more interested in the near death experience.  We both agreed that hearing about her experiences with extraterrestrials would be fascinating.

As the presentation began, I was first struck by the absolutely approachable and relatable demeanor of our presenter.  A kind appearing woman of late middle age, Ms. Lindsey looked every bit the part of a socially active grandmother and open minded conversationalist.  As she began describing her near death experience in great detail, however, all outward appearances disappeared as I heard her tell my story.  Of course, many details and circumstances were different, however, the language she used to describe the other side (even dispelling notions of the long tunnel), the ways she described the lessons learned while there, and, most importantly, the profound, immediate and fundamental changes to not only her priorities and perspective absolutely floored me.  I’d never, ever even come close to hearing the experience articulated in a way that so closely resembled my own transformation.  Her descriptions of ways she struggled to bring these lessons into form and the difficulties in describing the differences (or lack thereof) between physical and multi-dimensional contact with the non-terrestrial could have literally come out of my own mouth.  My eyes were wide the entire time, and I don’t believe I stopped nodding in agreement once.

During a Q&A session following the main presentation, she fielded questions from the assembly about all manner of things.  I saw that small hesitation, that minor hitch, as she internally translated the divide between what she’d come to know from the eternal/infinite, what she’d learned since in her travels, and her response to the questioners.  I knew that hitch, that re-opening to the infinite to ensure authenticity followed by gentle offering of the best that words could do with the indescribable.  I’d done it myself thousands of times — this wasn’t someone merely remembering or dressing up an intellectual understanding.  This was someone who had been there, who had been IT, and was now in service to anyone who cared to listen.  I was rapt.

My guides hadn’t failed me in bringing me to this event.  I’ll be eternally grateful for those two hours.  In it, perhaps I saw a future version of myself, perhaps not.  I do know that I was gifted with a healing of the self-doubt that has kept me from being more public with my own story.  If that translates to large audiences or to a sharing of my Knowing with a single individual feeling alone after their near death is of no consequence — for those two hours, I’d found my people and I intend to share that gift with any who care to listen.

You can learn more about Barbara, her fascinating life story and her current work at her website, Barbara Jean Lindsey – The Cosmic Oracle.