Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, or QHHT, is a practice fashioned by the late, great Dolores Cannon in which a Somnambulistic state of trance is induced in the patient.  During her years of practice, Ms. Cannon discovered that not only was this method of hypnosis useful for past life regressions, but that it often afforded direct access to the subconscious and beyond, where all sorts of awesome collectively conscious weirdness resides.

Daniel underwent his first QHHT session in the spring of 2018 with a fantastic practitioner named Beatrice Tao.  On this, the eve of his second session, we thought it high time to post a transcript.  The majority of the almost three hour session follows, with edits only for readability and to remove induction and personal questions/details.  We’ve left personal questions intact where the answers seemed to have relevance for the collective.  As you read, notice the answers shift as Daniel’s conscious mind leaves in favor of the chattier higher consciousness waiting to speak.

Beatrice: Tell me the very first thing that you see. The very first impression that you have as you come back down to the surface, are you coming off of that cloud yet?
Beatrice: Where are you? What do you see?
I don’t know. Metal.
Beatrice: Tell me more. What do you see?
Circle, metal, like an eye.
Beatrice: Like an eye.
Intricate. Intricate patterns-
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative) Tell me more.
Metal around around the eye’s circles.
Beatrice: Mm. Who’s eye is that?
I don’t know. Some building or a-
Beatrice: How does that make you feel when you see that?
Beatrice: Feel okay?
Yes, it’s not scary.
Beatrice: It’s not scary? Mm-hmm (affirmative). Look around-
So … a machine. It’s a machine.

Beatrice: Okay, so tell me more about this machine. What do you see? What does it look like?
It’s round. It’s flat and round.
Beatrice: What is that machine doing?
A circle in the middle spinning.
Beatrice: Tell me more about that.
The circle’s spinning at different speeds. The center is sphered. It doesn’t spin. It’s gray, silver.
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative) The more you tell me the more you will see.
It’s dark around it … the sky.
Beatrice: Are you indoor or outdoor?
I’m looking at it from outside. Above it.
Beatrice: There’s a circle inside of something?
A sphere inside circles, flat circles. The sphere is the center, the flat circles are around it. Intricate.
Beatrice: What is that thing … machine doing there? What’s the purpose having it there? Are you operating on it?
I’m watching it. I know it though.
Beatrice: What is that machine doing there? What is the purpose?
Travel. Movement.
Beatrice: Travel where?
Anywhere. Anywhere.
Beatrice: Where does it go?
I’m not … it sits. Right now it sits.
Beatrice: Why?
It’s idle.
Beatrice: Why it sits there?
We’re waiting.
Beatrice: Waiting, mm-hmm (affirmative). Waiting for what?
Beatrice: Instruction from?
Council … they’ll tell it where to go.
Beatrice: Until the-
They’ll tell it where to go.
Beatrice: I see. Now, where is this … this council?
Beatrice: Saturn. Alright. So why are you there observing this machine today? What’s your relationship to that machine and council?
I’m part of the council. I … I send the ship and sometimes go in it, travel with … in it.
Beatrice: So you are part of the council giving instruction to the ship.
Yes, but there are others. I’m just one.
Beatrice: You are one of them.
Beatrice: So where is this ship going now?
The others don’t travel with us often.
Beatrice: Do you travel with this ship?
Beatrice: Why sometimes? Why sometimes not?
It depends on the work to be done.
Beatrice: So where is this ship going now, this one that you’re looking at? Where are you going to ask this ship to go?
I don’t know.
Beatrice: Are you waiting for instruction from someone else also?
Beatrice: Okay. I want you look at yourself. Describe about yourself. What do you look like? Look down, do you have a feet, do you have a physical body? What do you feel like you have? Do you have a body?
I don’t believe so. I don’t think I do. I can have a body when I need one.
Beatrice: You don’t have a body, but you need one?
Not right now.
Beatrice: Not right now, okay. So you don’t need a body now.
No, I’m watching.
Beatrice: You’re just watching.
Beatrice: Okay, alright. So tell me more about the place where you are right now. Is that a planet? What’s the name of the place?
Beatrice: Orion? Does that sound …What’s the name-
It’s not a place.
Beatrice: It’s not a place. So tell me more about this space you are in. Is this a dimension?
It’s in between. It’s where we … rings.
Beatrice: Rings, so you’re like in the ring.
Yes. Between … rings of Saturn.
Beatrice: Rings of Saturn, I see. Do you live here?
Beatrice: Mm. Tell me more about this rings of Saturn. What’s the purpose having that? Why are you there?
Where we meet. I gather the energies, assess congruence and determine where to go. Who needs us.
Beatrice: What helps you to make decision where to go? What’s your mission?
Decide together as one.
Beatrice: What do you do that? To gather-
Who is calling.
Beatrice: Who’s calling, I see. Calling for what?
Help, assistance, information.
Beatrice: Hmm. So where do you usually send a ship to? Where? Which galaxies? How many galaxies?
This one, mostly.
Beatrice: This one. Where is that-
This galaxy.
Beatrice: This galaxy.
Others, but not for a long time. This … this area needs most help.
Beatrice: This galaxy needs the most help.
Beatrice: Okay. Tell me about the help, what you’ve heard. What kind of help? What happened?
Fears and separation.
Beatrice: Separation.
End of a cycle. A cycle near its completion.
Beatrice: Mm.
It’s time to assist with the re-integration.
Beatrice: What can you do to help?
Shield them, nurture them. Protect their … contain their frequencies and assist them knowing amplitude above their own … alight grids around them. Keep-
Beatrice: What is the grids?
They’re light grids.
Beatrice: How can you help with the grids and how do you do it?
I sing, of course. Sing. Watch for holes in the shape of the grid, containment field, fix them. Go to them and strengthen them. The chorus sings and it becomes whole.
Beatrice: I see. So where are you going now? The call that you heard, which planets that you’re going?
Beatrice: Earth. What are you gonna do at the Earth when you arrive there? What’s your plan?
Watch and listen. Assist. Wait for opportunity to go inside.
Beatrice: Mm. I see. Are you the only one going there, on to the Earth, or there’s others?
There are many.
Beatrice: You’re the only one?
There are many.
Beatrice: There are many. Okay. So do you plan together the agenda, or do you just go?
We are together.
Beatrice: You get together.
We exist together. We ARE together. There is no need to gather, so to speak. We … we simply are. We allow portions of our song to integrate with theirs.
Beatrice: So before you go to the Earth planet, tell me about your plan with the others. Tell me more about that, your plan to help the Earth.
It’s time. It’s … it’s time to know itself, reborn- *raises one finger*
Beatrice: One.
We must protect them as it changes. It’s vulnerable, it’s scared.
Beatrice: And what’s your relationship to the Earth?
Traveler. Caretaker. Big brother.
Beatrice: You’re a big brother to the Earth? And you time-travel?
Yes, of course. Without it we would not know what to do — our relationship to it would remain unseen. We wait. When their time matches our space we may enter to sing. Until then we wait, provide, support their blanket geometry and surround them. It protects them and protects others from them…

Beatrice: Why Earth needs to be protected?
It could cause great harm.
Beatrice: Why? Who’s harming Earth?
Beatrice: Brothers?
In a way.
Beatrice: Who are these brothers?
They’re the ones who have come to know Love through themselves – to keep Earth in obeyance so they may harvest it themselves. It’s how they feed. They are stuck. They do not know how they are loved. They would feed there … I keep them out as we may.
Beatrice: So how many of you are protecting the Earths planets?
One, of course, and many within.
Beatrice: Why it’s one?
All things are One. This is what we teach. This what they must know.
Beatrice: So what is that?
That they are of us. That they are loved. That they are safe.
Beatrice: Safe.
Always safe. The outcome matters little. Only balance. We provide that children of Earth may sing their song — their choosing. So we watch and-
Beatrice: So you’re watching.
Beatrice: Observing.
Yes. Protecting. Let them learn. Teach as we may.
Beatrice: Teach them? Do you also go down to teach them?
From time to time, yes.
Beatrice: What do you teach them?
To regain knowledge. Who they are. What they are. Connection. Offer a frequency beyond separation that they may tune into if they choose. I go where I’m needed, and I sing. The others sing as well.
Beatrice: How do you go to the Earth planet to help? Do you change into a different form or are you born into a baby, or how does that work?
Both at times. Maintain myself outside the grid. I send songs to those who are open. When incarnation wants to occur, I watch for potential formation – like frequencies – a song being written by a song…and then we may enter.
Beatrice: Do you choose your parents?
Not as such. I choose… I choose a formation of frequencies in a potentiated state as they gather. Like attracts like. I watch patterns and openings occur in these patterns and I will send my song there. Time and space need frequency and potential. This is how we choose.
Beatrice: Ah. What is that potential you’re referring to? What do you mean the potential?
To be heard, the frequencies of theirs that will harmonize well with ours, already being sung. Their song, the Earth song, will match… will recognize our chorus, join our chorus.

We see it. We SEE it.
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative) So now what is your next step now? You’re looking at the Earth, they need help. Where are you going now?
[Inaudible] what’s to be done, then I return home.
Beatrice: Then you return home.
Beatrice: So now, let’s go to the time that you’re choosing, matching the frequency of parents. Then tell me what’s your name? What’s your name that you’re gonna born into?
Som … Sombolia? (Daniel struggling with pronunciation)
Beatrice: Somboya?
That’s close.
Beatrice: Mm. Somboya. So if I call you Somboya, does that resonate with you?
No. Som- St … it will do.
Beatrice: Is that your name?
It is chosen for this session’s name. Names are not required prior to choosing a-
Beatrice: What is your name now? As you look down to the Earths, you’re picking your parents, I want your name now before you were born.
I have many names.
Beatrice: Do you have a name?
Not as such. As such, it is unnecessary. I … certain aspects, their names are selected as appropriate for their purpose, their time. Historical significance. This is important for them. Carries, carries great power with it. They understand collectively the importance a name. Thus, we allow the choosing to occur as incarnation becomes imminent.
Beatrice: Mm. Are you the one I can ask questions about Daniel?
Relax (whispered to himself).
Beatrice: Do I have a permission to ask questions?
Beatrice: Okay. Why is important that you’re showing him about his job at Saturn? How would that correlate … how would that correspond to his life timeline right now on this Earth Planet?
He struggles with his knowing, confused.
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
He remembers that he must in his heart. But it is hard. Much interference. He has chosen a difficult task. The potential is great. So is the discord, he must suffer. We allow him to see, to assist his resolve. He has been asking for assurance. So, we offer it gladly that his origins do not remain unseen.
Beatrice: Hmm. Is he from Saturn?
He is from the Creator, of course.
Beatrice: He’s from the Creator. Okay. Has he been Sirian or Arcturian before Earth Planets life here?
Sirian: Yes. Not as it is currently understood.
Arcturian: he’s visited many times. Never has he called it home. He assisted with transition there as well.
Beatrice: But how’s relationship with Saturn?
This is where we gather.
Beatrice: What do you mean by that?
A council, this is where we gather. The council comes to hold chorus, so to speak. Wisdom is held here. Collective memory.
Beatrice: So you meet at Saturn with him?
As him, with him, we come here to gather strength, regain perspective of this particular space and time. Much has occurred. And from there we decide what should be done to best inform, shepherd unity.
Beatrice: Mm. What has he done to-
On [crosstalk]
Beatrice: What has he done to all this information he collected … here on this planet? Is he gonna bring this back to you?
He is…he is with us always. It is impossible for him to know and to function. We are him in many ways. What he sees, thinks, feels: all of it is seen and known.
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative). What’s the purpose?
That we may inform his song … (laughs) we might better understand where potential exists for harmony and to bring through him and others — many others — the song, being sung to all. Regain harmony with brothers and sisters. Allowing the quarantine to lift, and they may know, begin to know their true self once more. Many will leave.
Beatrice: Has he been reincarnated on the Earth Planet many times?
Many, yes.
Beatrice: Many?
Beatrice: Many.
By your count, 36.
Beatrice: 36 times?
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Can you tell who he was about his Greece, Atlantis [inaudible] last time? Egypt, Greece, Atlantis. What was the purpose he reincarnated in this area? What was he doing? Why he has issue with the elites?
He is balance, they are balance. This teaching he did [inaudible] while incarnated. This is so chosen that he may strengthen resolve to service bias towards service to other. You see? And it is only through specifically knowing the … other … as separate that the amplitude of his unified frequency may expand. It was necessary that he experience distaste for his catalyst.
Beatrice: How can you remove those blocks of frustration with authority?
By accepting them as his own. Those aspects are catalysts that must be integrated, not overcome. They are him.
Beatrice: Why did he experience near-death experience in 2016? What happened to it? What was the purpose?
To regather, integrate a higher frequency. He required a dis- disassemblin- disassembly. His … the catalyst had been met. And his amplitude was such that in this fashion we were able to fill positive amplitude with greater efficiency than should he have remained to learn purely experientially – counterbalance, the darkness of this catalyst. Do you see?
Beatrice: Did he have a walk in or a soul exchange when he had a near-death experience?
All souls are One, Love. We widened the perspective from which he sees by allowing more of the true self to be known. Integration of several patterns. Nothing was exchanged, much was gained. The disassembly was of containment structures. Limiting was no longer necessary.

All soul exchanges occur in this manner.
Beatrice: Is that another aspect of Daniel?
To whom do you speak?
Beatrice: Now, he had a near-death experience, who originated that? Why did he wanna… explain why it happened. Why he has the near-death experience?
To facilitate rapid expansion. He was in requirement — rapid development of the shadow such that expansion could occur. The experience was homecoming.
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Where did he go?
He was met to us. We reclaimed his aspect for a period of your time. How we rebuild.
Beatrice: He was in coma for two to three days. Where did he go during that time?
Nowhere. Everywhere. We allowed portions of his consciousness to remain, enough that his body may continue to exist. We allowed him to see our work being done, the matter refitting. The structure there remained. His understanding limited his ability to see.

We allowed only the frequencies associated with Daniel returned to this aspect for retuning and reintegration. Once the structures were rebuilt, we then refilled him with our song [inaudible].
Beatrice: He told me he sees dark skinned “witch doctor,” jellyfish, a white pair of beings, jungles, what was the purpose of going through that experience?
Understanding that he’d not been lost. That we were with him. The thought form animal is not our making. [inaudible] another entity presented itself and-

(Note: The “thought form entity” refers to a strange jungle animal that appeared for several hours to Daniel while still in the hospital recovering.)

Beatrice: What was that’s for, then? Why it’s there?
It’s trapped, has not found frequencies that are a match to attach to. At that time, rapid integration occurred in Daniel’s sphere. The being was curious, saw and an opening to Source. They are not a match, not to be his … So it said “hello.”

Beatrice: What about then white haired being [inaudible], the witch doctor, he saw jellyfish? What does that mean? What does it represent to him what he saw?
Jellyfish were light.
Beatrice: Mm. A light being?
Light being: data, existence, consciousness. Reflection… reflections of the integration. Other aspects making themselves known, offering themselves for integration, assistance, or comfort. A library of experience.
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
The beings … are his guides.
Beatrice: Beings are gods?
Beatrice: The white haired being?
Yes, both. One shadow, one light.

Chief technicians, surgeons perhaps. Rebuilding structures that light may be poured in once more. Aspects of themselves and us — in his service. They remain with him now.
Beatrice: Now, he wants to have a greater understanding of channeling. He’s been channeling different beings. Could you tell him more about that? How can he expand his gift of channeling?
Acceptance. Allowance. Letting go of … He is afraid.
Beatrice: He’s afraid.
Penitence. Illusions of separation.
Beatrice: What is he afraid of?
Being seen for what he is.
Beatrice: Why would he [inaudible]? Where does that really originate, this lifetime or past lives?
The collective embodiment, experience. Part of his mission to overcome …
Beatrice: So if he can let go and start not be in fear …
He is a way shower.
Beatrice: Then he’s able to start channeling much easier.
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Now, he wants to know who is Sera. A lot of times Sera comes to him. Where does Sera come from? Which dimensions if there is any?
The dimension must be chosen for the current structure. Sera chooses most often fifth.
Beatrice: Fifth dimension?
For presentation.
Beatrice: Why? Why dimension’s that important?
The trajectory of those to whom she would teach attainable wisdom for those embodied on your planet at this time. Any higher would be inconceivable.
Beatrice: So there are dimensions in the universe, multiverse?
Yes, many. They overlap, they ricochet, they merge.
Beatrice: How many dimensions are there?
Infinite, if you like. However, we offer a number, of those attainable and knowable and conceivable by your sphere.
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
We count lines 12 at any given interval, although fluctuation does occur.
Beatrice: So will Sera continue helping him?
Always, for … she, they, we love him. He is of us. Though other frequencies are available.
Beatrice: Is that why there’s Ashar, Michael, Metatron, Mary came through?

(Note: These are the names other entities have given as Daniel channeled in the past.)

Yes. Harmony of the requesting entities frequency is available at that time and space – the intention is presented for consideration of all. [inaudible] place in the decision as to which frequency avails itself to Daniel or to any others who would reach out.
Beatrice: How can Daniel increase his frequency so he’s able to contact these people by doing this energy?
Acceptance. Allowance. Further deconstruction of control patterns which no longer serve. Limitations chosen are necessary only insofar as they allow one to approach Infinite Intelligence without the broad concept structure of fear – separation — interfering. It exists in grand knowing of its ultimate dissolution. Therefore, its children exist to protect the mother from deconstruction. They inhibit the pathway to Intelligent Infinity by any means possible.

This serves the others that have separation through choice quite well. The aspects of this illusion no longer fit, as each incarnate aspect approaches their Source and destination. This resistance may be met either to be fought, which may result substructure creation, or they may be allowed to exist and sent back to unif- unity, Oneness, with gratitude and love.
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Is he one of the wave of volunteers to come to the Earth to help?
Yes, Love. Wanderer.
Beatrice: Is he first wave or second wave or third wave?
End of second wave. Integration of third wave energies during the deconstruction and rebuilding process undertaken. His knowledge of his shadow and the frameworks of the passing timeline were necessary such that he may bridge the gap, so to speak, for those seeking to learn. His energies as a messenger close the divide. His role is to learn to assemble in frequency once selecting lifetimes to occupy over many such selections prior to this one.
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative). He was told that he will be helped and assisted to be rewired, the whole system, to remove the blocks. Are you the one to kind of be helping him?
And others. We make available pathways through removal of all of hindrances, so to speak, through an assmeblance of other energies, aspects outside of this one. He will know wider consciousness availability in offering to those he would serve. These frequencies do not originate with us. However, they serve [inaudible] the same source as Daniel, and thus avail themselves to him. Upon the rewiring, as you’ve spoken, he may assist their aspects in attaining Infinite Intelligent connection themselves.
Beatrice: The connection you’re talking about, is that a light language which he’s gonna be speaking?
At a certain level, all is light language, as this is the earliest distortion of information. Intelligence itself. The language used in communication will match the level which it is necessary to reach the conduit awaiting opening. Should the vibration of the chosen recipient conduit be that which desires light language, it shall be heard by them. This be hardly the only vibratory means of communicating the healing of the infinite intelligent pathways to those who would seek it, however.

As Daniel opens, so do others, and forms of communication become available, which were incomprehensible in times past. Already, he and others have begun imbuing written language in all forms with light language. The same truth. This is true of … of all of our spoken language. A conscious … a conscious understanding of the language spoken is not necessary.
Beatrice: So there could be just no sound.
This is most commonplace.

(Note: Personal details removed here.)

Beatrice: Now, he said he has addictions on sugar, coffee… And I see also he has asthma. He said he was born with asthma. Where do that come from? Why is he experiencing that?
There are many answers to these questions, which should he prefer we address with primary diligence?
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative). How about asthma?
Asthma exists a reminder of his limitation, not a situation he’s comfortable or used to. It also serves as a reminder that he is a Brother of Sorrow. He must carry the grief for those he serves. At a more distinctive level he carries this frequency as passed on from his grandmother, who selected this limitation as lineage karma during the first wave.
Beatrice: Now, if Daniel is listening right now, he’d understand that. Can you heal him, take away asthma? He doesn’t need that anymore, does he?
Yes, he does.
Beatrice: Why?
As a reminder of the grief he must transmute. Watch. Much more is to come. The beliefs for the many change. There will be grieving.

(Note: Personal details removed here.)

This has already begun. Further conscious embodiment of the unified Christ consciousness, the Highest Self available, which may only present itself as present in the present. Do you see? And through the embodying, the precise moment that is now, he will find it quite easy to let go. The anxieties that riddle him have caused him to reach for other exterior energies — without himself — to fill the void created by stretching one’s consciousness backward/forward into the past/future — which do not exist. Do you see? These vacuums must be filled lest they collapse. So, it is the belief that one may control either of these measures of the illusion that the need to fill them has created. Through sustaining oneself always in the present moment, in the now — which is the only moment which truly exists — these structures are not created. Energy is not consumed in their creation. No void or vacuum requires filling, and his patterns of self destruction may be released.

(Note: Personal details removed here.)

Beatrice: What about the anxiety? What- what makes him have the anxiety he needs to search something else to numb him? Where does the anxiety coming from?
Many places, primarily from pathways built in young adulthood, were measures of other [inaudible] which were mistaken in perception as positive or negative. That is their route.
Beatrice: That’s the root cause. Can you help him release that now? As he is listening to you, he understands.
I do not suggest release at this time. Instead, we suggest polarization be switched to bias toward positivity. Which is in alignment with his stated polarity of service. This will not only reduce or remove friction/conflict, but will energize his efforts in his polarity of choice.

It is this entity, this frequency, this self, the frequency he carries prior to incarnation, the frequency he is at a point of selection of incarnation — indeed, we point out which beam of light/aspect of us — was chosen to encounter frequencies on your planet. For this pathway — full polarization of the consciousness of your planet — had a very strong bias towards service to others.

Therefore, we do not suggest any means of comfort which would lessen opportunities for the furtherance of service polarity. Rather, seek alignment.

(Note: Personal details removed here.)

Beatrice: Hmm. It sounds like we’re talking about repeating the same pattern, about self-destruction and friction between the state of polarity.
Yes, this is the balance we spoke of. He must continue to plumb from the depths of the shadow he’s so easily explored in increasing capacity for the light to pull them forward into positive polarity.

We wish to be clear at this time: This was a choice … made to, in order to, more rapidly prepare this consciousness for service. Many lifetimes within lifetimes, such that the proper amplitude be made available.
Beatrice: Hmm. Is it true that here on Earth plane the polarity exists — the purpose is to learn dark and light?
This has been so. However, however selection has been made.
Beatrice: What do you mean by that?
Your planet has selected a positive polarity – as was the bias of the Logos responsible for its creation. However, free will, as such, has existed until quite recently.  As the cycle end nears, preparation must be made for the harvest/graduation, and thus, selection was required.

It is each soul’s, as you call it, path to determine its own polarity. However, Earth is no longer truly hospitable to souls that wish to endeavor the long journey of service to self.
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative). He’s very interested in UFOlogy, consciousness, extra dimensions after this near death experience. What would you say about that?
We encourage all learnings that are the result of excitement. However, it is with caution I would suggest he pursue extra-terrestrial information as presented to your kind — limiting, and the fruit of separation, is this path. A curiosity at best when taken with perspective that the destination is well beyond terrestrial existence, no matter the planet.
Beatrice: Now there is some information out there saying that some extraterrestrials are good, but some are bad-
This is so.
Beatrice: Give me insight about that, please.
There are those embodied that serve the One through rapid successive cycles of self-harvest, occurring while incarnate through control and dominion over others. These you would call negative, malevolent. They have sought foothold on earth for many millennia and greatly influenced your development. Many ways have they.

At present, know that while theirs is a polarity unchosen by your kind, by your planet, in totality, they must be loved/accepted, and asked to move on. They are of you every bit — but those they feed upon become them. Do you see?
Beatrice: Because they are a part of Oneness, right?
All is part of Oneness, yes, Love. They are not to be feared, reviled, or — most importantly — denied the light. Their ascension is your own. Their darkness cannot exist within light of acceptance. It is then that that unity is regained. In their challenge, you meet to agreement with that which they present, which depolarizes your own experience.

Forgiveness. Acceptance. This speaks to your selection and choice being made, and leaves no alternative for them but to do so.
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Now, when Daniel contacted me for this session what do you hope he would receive from this session the most?
Confirmation. Encouragement. He moves adeptly, unlearns rapidly. We are pleased with him. He knows what must be done. Any assistance we may provide…
Beatrice: How can Daniel stay connected to you and receive your guidance in his day to day life?
Embody. Embody, Love.
Beatrice: What do you mean by that?
Claim embodiment as One with the all that is. His actions will follow.
Beatrice: Hmm. Isn’t it true embodiments are very important since we as a soul choose to experience this lifetime on the Earth planet in a physical form?
Hardly seems worth the effort otherwise. We would say of tantamount importance – why else have you come?
Beatrice: We chose to come here right?
Oh yes, oh yes.
Beatrice: Mm-hmm (affirmative). So we have to cherish this vehicle, and the body that we have. Treat it as a temple.
It is so. Cherish. We appreciate your wording.
Beatrice: Do you have any message for humanity or anyone else, or me, at this time?
Be not afraid. We watch. We serve. You cannot be harmed. You are us.
Beatrice: What do you mean by that?
All are One. How could it be otherwise?
Beatrice: Thank you. Is our session complete?
Unless we may be of further service, we believe it is so.
Beatrice: I would like to thank all that participated and all that have helped us today. Thank you very much. Now, I’m asking the subconscious to recede…