I’ll cop to being a bit of a Twitterhound.  I follow the requisite spiritual, astrology and (cough) political threads with casual interest.  I’ve never been much one for the political game on its face, but it is an absolutely fascinating place to study the general well-being of our collective…plus, full disclosure, I am a bit of a conspiracy, UFOlogy and SSP nut.  They’re like my soap operas, only the bad actors are real.  The crossover between these arenas and mainstream politics are frequent and fascinating.

In both areas of interest, I tend to lurk rather than engage.  Concreted opinions and kneejerk side-taking are rampant and I find it a rare case indeed where a mind is changed on Twitter.  That said, a recent thread caught my eye in an interesting way, and a block was cleared, for which I am grateful.

I’d wondered for some time now why I’d been drawn to both the right skewed narratives of conspiracy “theory,” and the left leaning social openness and inclusion with equal parts fervor and revulsion for both.  It was a large source of internal friction for me, but one I couldn’t look away from.  On one side, of course we’re being manipulated, lied to and taught to fear, fear, fear — which has been the battle cry of the more conservative factions of the conspiracy crowd — most recently and visibly with the QAnon phenomenon (which I love following, btw).  Yes, I do believe that there are shadowy figures doing all sorts of nasty business we’d rather not collectively be aware of, and yes, I do believe that we need to collectively be aware of them.  On the other, the idea of global unity, no artificial borders — including those of gender, race, religion, class or nationality — is the only logical path for us to follow when renouncing fear as a paradigm.  Openness to infinite possibility cannot begin with exclusion or separation of any kind.

Where was the broader perspective, the common thread, the lack of division to be found?  I was at odds with myself searching for the higher octave.  Then I saw this, and the binary walls came tumbling down…

Now, on its face, this is just another fear based thread among many.  It really is no different than the arguments about separating children from their parents at the border (saving children from pedophiles or cruel and damaging to families?).  It’s certainly a clear cousin of so many “conversations” about Mr. Trump (self serving tool of the entitled or brilliant iconoclast destined to topple the cabal?).  The answer in all cases is, of course, yes and no, depending on your perspective.

What struck me here wasn’t that people are afraid of letting small pox into our country.  That isn’t something to be taken lightly.  It’s a horrible disease, and one we’ve ostensibly removed from our society.  Why wouldn’t we want to keep it out of our kitchens?  What struck me was that a) this was being used as a rallying cry for those calling themselves “red-pilled” or “woke,” and b) it was an isolated narrative clearly crafted by those same manipulators they claim to be fighting.  The names and faces had changed, but the game remained the same.  This left me wondering if it isn’t time for another dose of those red-pills.

Do we want the sick, the destitute, the underfed and unheard infiltrating our borders?  We absolutely do, so that they — and therefore we — may be healed.  They are us, and we are them.  It is their fear that drives them to us and our fear of that manifestation of our own fear that drives them away.  This self feeding cycle of fear, anger, repression and denial — the very core of binary separation — is what this narrative seeks to feed.  By denying these poor souls entry to our “safe haven,” we ensure that our haven is never truly safe.  They will come again, and “we” again will fight them off, and those we’ve red-pilled against will laugh as they feed, financially and energetically, off of our collective fear.

We cannot defeat fear, we can only rise above it and acknowledge its divinity from an octave above it, where it can no longer exist.  If the fear of small pox is being used to feed the fear of immigration is being used to feed the fear of a lack of borders is feeding the fear of other, be it the cabal or your neighbor or the part of you that you truly hope no one sees, then reclaiming that entire landscape as the purview of the divine and therefore aspects of yourself begins to reshape the narrative for all players involved.

Have we learned nothing from 9/11?  The deception, the victories over our sovereignty won there by our dividers?  You cannot win by fighting, by excluding or by denying the light to anything you see, as doing so calls you with that you would denounce into the shadow.  You become what you fight.

So please, yes, give me your tired, your poor, your huddling masses yearning to be free that I may clothe them, feed them and heal them as I would my own… as they are my own as I am theirs.  The only distinctions between us are the false narratives of the profiteers, the fear mongers and our own deepest shadows — all of whom must learn by our example.  Come to me and I will embrace you and use all means at my disposal to bring you to health, and in so doing, I will remember who I am.