On June 30, 2017, we asked Sera to speak briefly on self expression. Rachel anchored the session and Daniel channeled Sera’s response. This is what she had to say:   Greater expression of following one’s instincts will create a reality itself, Dear — no matter the form or the canvas […]
Excel, struggle, succeed, fail… these are stories we tell ourselves. We tell ourselves these stories to push ourselves to, or as we, attempt new things, try on new identities, explore our world. Just as often, we use these stories, or the fears that they generate, to decide not to engage […]
St. Francis by Caravaggio
The Prayer of Saint Francis The Prayer of St. Francis is one of my personal favorites.  While some have derided it as more self-centered than much of his recorded work, and while it was almost certainly written by someone other than the Saint himself (it first appeared, in French, in 1912), […]
Baby Eyes
When you walk with wholeness and humility, there are those who will hold your gaze for just a moment longer than you’d expect.  There are also those who will avert it and disengage immediately. Those who hold it are those who recognize you, even if only for that slightly longer than usual moment. […]
If I only had the opportunity to share one thing with the people walking the planet right now, it would be “stop trying so hard!” Just stop fighting it already! At your very essence, you are divinity itself.  You are a co-creator and co-creation of the Universe.  This reality you walk […]
Have you forgotten who you are? Every moment that has ever been has led to this one. Every moment that will ever be is built upon this same one. This moment could not possibly be any other way than precisely what it is. It is the very definition of perfection, […]