Roll With It

Roll With It

If I only had the opportunity to share one thing with the people walking the planet right now, it would be “stop trying so hard!”

Just stop fighting it already!

At your very essence, you are divinity itself.  You are a co-creator and co-creation of the Universe.  This reality you walk in daily, the people around you, the thoughts you think, the feelings you feel, the smells you turn your nose to or from…it is all created by you as a participant in this divine perfection.  When you say words like “I can’t” or “there isn’t enough time,” you are creating precisely that situation about which you are complaining.

When you awake each morning, free of energetic attachment, is the perfect time to begin creating and to set the pace for the day to come.  Do not toil on what is to be done, what was left undone, or what was done improperly the day prior.  This only gives movement, energy and inertia to those thought patterns — it starts your creative machine off in the wrong direction.  You wouldn’t begin driving to the store by hopping in the trunk, would you?  Your journey will go much more smoothly if you sit in the driver’s seat and focus solely on the road directly in front of you.

Give yourself to the notion that you operate as a machine of creativity, working within divine timing.  Even the destination matters very little.  Think not “what do I have to do today,” but instead “what do I get to do today?”  The emphasis there is on today.  Not tomorrow or next week.  Today.  Imagine yourself as walking in an open field of potential, with the Universe as the wind at your back and the sun shining on your shoulders.  Kick back, enjoy the ride, and look around for the signs that you’re traveling in the right direction (repeating numbers, loose change on the ground, overheard snippets of conversation, running into people you’ve not seen in ages).  The Universe will take you exactly where you need to be, it will show you what you need to see, it will teach you exactly what you’re meant to learn, and, if you allow it, this experience will be quite pleasant.

It is only when you begin to fight the idea that the Universe, and not you, is in charge, that things get all mucky muck.  The friction created by these competing energies feels quite scratchy and unpleasant, doesn’t it?  Instead, align your intentions with that which the Universe is presenting to you…let it decide where you go and you’ll always, without fail, wind up exactly where you were meant to be.

You’ll find, more often than not, that you wind up creating precisely that experience, thing or feeling that you wanted all along.  Perhaps you hadn’t recognized it before through all the sandpapery noise being generated by your head, but now you are driving in alignment with your divine purpose.  You are now co-creating in perfect formation with divinity itself.

Feels good, doesn’t it?