Have you forgotten who you are? Every moment that has ever been has led to this one. Every moment that will ever be is built upon this same one. This moment could not possibly be any other way than precisely what it is. It is the very definition of perfection, […]
What is love? The short answer is that love isn’t. Love is not a romantic comedy or a hug or a penetration. Love is not a thing to be held, beheld or sought. Love is an absence, in the most profound and wonderful sense of the word. Much like dark […]
Give yourself permission to be a five year old again. Play, dream, jump, fall, scrape your knees and collect toads. Skip rope, sing, hide, make up languages and blow spit bubbles. Only you have the power to grant this permission. Play with your ego, but also teach it what it […]
Language is a desperate and clumsy embrace between souls searching for connection. They remember being whole. They yearn to be together again. Prisoners, bound and blindfolded in a dark and lonely prison, touch their feet together to remind themselves that they are not alone. It is a hopeful Boko-maru.