Beat That Drum

Beat That Drum

Give yourself permission to be a five year old again. Play, dream, jump, fall, scrape your knees and collect toads. Skip rope, sing, hide, make up languages and blow spit bubbles. Only you have the power to grant this permission. Play with your ego, but also teach it what it means to be a child. Ask it questions as you would one who is only just discovering the world. Let it know it is safe, that your higher self is a trusted source of direction and nourishment and you’ll find that your ego’s fear begins to strip away.

Are you being honest right now? You might ask it this. Did you eat that extra cookie? Will that new car actually make you happy, or are you having arguments with your imaginary friends about who has the most toys? Did that bully actually bully you, or did you allow yourself to become upset because you feared you were not big enough, strong enough, smart enough or brave enough to simply be yourself? Is the world truly cruel because you lost you favorite toy or your puppy ran away, or did the world simply put your toy and your puppy exactly where they needed to be? Are you only afraid that you are less in the world’s eyes without them?

What are you truly afraid of? Can you control that which you fear? Would controlling it actually make the fear go away, or just create new ones? Does any of this truly matter?

Nope. Fuck all that. Let’s climb a tree and sing with the birds. You’ll often hear the world singing along with you when you do because your ego is safe, happy and quiet.