I recently was afforded the opportunity to bring my services to an all day holistic health event here in San Francisco.  I had been hemming and hawing for a month or more about how to best step out and begin expanding my offerings locally, when a message appeared in my inbox.  It was the regular newsletter from a wonderful venue here in the city called The Center, and one upcoming event caught my eye.  The Holistic Healing Saloon, a semi-regular event that I was not yet acquainted with, was to be held the following month and had openings for practitioners.  I quickly rattled off an email to the organizer, Polina Smith, explaining briefly what it is that I do and asking if there was still space available.  She responded quickly, and a reservation was made.

The event itself was wonderful.  I met many other local healers, learned a bit about new modalities and was booked throughout the entire day, giving 11 back to back to back sessions of Reiki mixed with Mediumship.  Despite the long day, I left feeling energized and quite enthusiastic about expanding my in-person practice.  If I understand correctly, the next such event will be sometime in February, so be on the lookout if you’re near San Francisco.