With equal parts excitement and trepidation I announce a renaming of With Sera to Daniel Steven Metaphysics.  I’d been pondering a change for some time — almost since the inception of With Sera — for a variety of reasons.  When my former partner and I decided to seek our own paths, I thought to change the name to honor her efforts here.  At that time I was engrossed in internal work and not actively updating the site, nor indeed talking to Sera, with any real frequency.  My days were spent redoubling foundational work in recovery, establishing a steady income through service outside of my channeling and Reiki, and working through/on some lingering karmic lessons.  It was not yet time, and there was no real urgency.

Now that I am guided more firmly to be seen and to share my gifts again, I thought it high time to finally make the effort and the change in name.  I wanted something simple and broad that covers not only the wisdom given by Sera, but also my healing work as a Reiki Master and any other modalities that are a part of my as-yet-unknown.  Thus, Daniel Steven Metaphysics was born.

I am honored to re-establish my work as a healer for the collective, and proud to now have my name (first and middle) in the title of the site and the entity.