On October 29, 2017, we planned to ask Sera to speak on the subjects of God and the Devil.  Things didn’t exactly go as planned, but some wonderful insights were brought forward.  Rachel anchored the session and Daniel channeled their responses…


Greetings, Beloved Children of Earth. How may we assist you in service to the One Infinite Creator during this session? We live to serve and serve to live, as always.


Rachel:  Thank you.  We would like to ask the question “What is God?”


Where shall we begin? God is Love, Love is All and All is One. Therefore, shall we discuss your end-table? Or perhaps we dance higher. The choice be yours.


We recommend that you limit your query to a more specific aspect of the Creator, lest we wander far from your intended result.


Rachel: How about we start with the God of the Old Testament?


We shall attempt to discuss this matter as you have chosen, though many distortions exist in this telling of Creation.


Rachel: Are the distortions mostly from humans?


Yes and no, depending on where you sit. Many fear based judgments entered the telling of these stories, all of which pass through human lips prior to their telling/recording. That being said, many did not originate within the confines of a human understanding, so to speak.


Rachel: God of the Old Testament…


Shall we interrupt to clarify that “Gods” is a more appropriate term to be used, for in translation much has been lost. Even use of the word “God” has been hindered in its capacity to describe the wholeness of the experience of Creation, evolution, growth of your species and the telling of these books.


Please continue.


Rachel: Were the Gods real beings?


Quite real in their capacity to create through use of man’s capacity to ideaize and manifest based on distortions given them for perception of reality. If you understand our meaning, we say not necessarily that all were perceivable as incarnate among your species, however, disinclination toward manifestation in the physical does not indicate a lack of presence or being.


Rachel:  So the Gods came before man and created man?


Gods, as you know them, developed man from the working creations of Gods long since departed, who worked again with creations of the Logos himself who worked again within the distortions provided by the Logos to whom He served, and so on. Do you understand? All traceable back to the One Infinite Creator… infinitely, of course.


Rachel: And somewhere along the way “Gods” became “God”…


In the telling, this was necessary for the purpose of those who showed inclination toward control and shepherding of the development of your species. Let it not be overlooked, for perspective’s sake, that you yourself may be considered “God” by species beneath your notice. Even as you walk among your own kind, the youngest of your species regard you as Gods of a certain sort – parental figures be seen as all knowing, powerful, protecting, loving… until such time as youngling approaches the age of exploration of truly inner self with relation to outer other self. Do you understand? It is this way, mirroring in cycles, inwardly and outwardly infinitely, you see? For those that you may consider Gods may truly be no more than beings who have danced among the incarnate for a longer, so to speak, span of time. This no more or less makes them truly the Creator of men than any other. It is for this reason that we share reluctance to discuss the archetype “God” without clarification as to which time/space or space/time you choose to discuss in specificity. All is Creation, Love, therefore all be God and God be all.


Rachel: I was thinking of asking about Poseidon and Jesus and… (flustered)


Quite a weighty topic for discussion, we concur.


Shall we discuss, as suggested by Daniel, the cycles of what you have called Good and Evil, perhaps?


Rachel: Yes, thank you.


What shall you know, Love?


Rachel: There is no Good or Evil, is that right?  Only desires?


Desires be lightposts to learnings and not a learning unto themselves. All be learning through experience, if you understand.


It is a correct assertion that, in the eyes of Creation itself, there is no notion of Good nor Evil, as you have called it… for all is Love or distortions placed atop Love for the sake of exploration/experiential learning, and thus greater understanding of the Self at each and every level of existence.


Rachel: So there is Love, and all of the distortions that are still part of the learning?


Yes, Love, that which some would call catalyst to learning in either polarity may easily be defined as Good or Evil, depending upon one’s perspective. The opposition to one’s own polarity is that which enforces questioning of one’s understanding of self, and therefore growth and learning be had. This dynamic operates the same in either direction when Man’s Good be another Man’s Evil. It is in growth beyond this dualistic pattern of thought, and therefore experience, that we may approach unity once more and again behold Infinite Intelligence in all its glory.


Rachel: So we must transcend dualistic thought patterns?


You must not do anything you choose not to endeavor, Love. The choice always be yours, for when one considers the existence of choice, one must consider that options, and therefore perceived lack, continue to exist — and therefore realms as yet unexperienced, thus unlearned, and therefore separate from the Infinite, do you see? It is only when questions cease to present themselves that one may consider oneself whole once more. You understand that it is in this capacity that we may learn from you, Love, and begin to understand how our own growth be tied to yours.


Rachel: I’m always going to have questions. (joking)


Time is of no consequence to us. We are most pleased, humbled, and honored to serve our duty/responsibility as “answerer” of any questions you may pose. It is in service to the One Infinite Creator that we act in this capacity, and therefore, we do so with the greatest of diligence, honesty, respect, and Love… for it is now our time of ascendance as well, Child. Together we dance nearer “God” as you would call it. (joke)


We indicate that a further restricting of intention, and thereby increased harmony, should be met prior to further engagement on this topic. For there is much to discuss, and (many) pathways available for interpretation, for the symbols used are many and capable of causing great confusion and further disharmony should they not be clarified in advance. Do you understand?


We thank you generously for your adherence to these patterns of inquiry, for it makes our service, as well as your own growth, much less distorted and resistance-filled. Shall that be all, then?


Rachel: Yes, thank you.


Thank you, lovely children. We send you Love, as always. Now go forth and be as One that you may more fully realize how much your service means to All. As always, in guided service to the One Infinite Creator, we bid you farewell, friends.