On November 11, 2017, we asked Sera to speak on the subject of energy centers/chakras/rays.  Rachel anchored the session and Daniel channeled their response…


Greetings, lovely children. Behold the glory that is the One Infinite Creation of the One Infinite Creator himself. How may we, as humble servants, be of service to All That Is, was, and shall be at this time/space and space/time for you wonderful and lovely souls? We live to serve and serve to live, as always. Shall we begin?


Rachel: Could you explain the different rays and what opens and blocks them?


The question contains inconsistencies of scope. Shall we cast aside illusions of grasping the infinite in this spatial endeavor and address the question with specificity as to the context to which you wish such matters discussed?


Rachel: You want me to be more specific?


Yes, Love. We ask only that you speak honestly, truthfully and measuredly from the vantage point of which you have taken residence for this session and query. There is no wrong question to ask.


Rachel: …

(Daniel asks the question non-verbally, which they then restate…far more eloquently.)


“We ask that the scope of the query be  mind/body/spirit complexes of that which we call humankind, and any densities in close proximity to them which may add clarity to the context in which we would speak of them.”


Very well. We appreciate your efforts in this matter, Daniel, in regaining harmony and stating intention for the query is recognized. This be a most arduous and difficult chore to undertake whilst maintaining frequency balance with those who would speak now.


The rays, as you would speak of them now, contain patterns of distortion selected by each individual prior to incarnating or “entering the game,” if you will. They provide an energetic template which shall be experienced/assessed for integration, rejection, or further study. You may think of them as the lens through which the projector of the Divine manifests the show you are to watch. Each is represented by a layer of experience and presented as a color which indicates its correspondence to each of its six counterparts.


You may best understand the levels of experiential understanding by the descriptors assigned through use of the “chakra system,” as it has been called.


We begin with the first distortion for free will which manifests itself within this particular sphere as fear, insecurity, and a need for survival. Your scientists would call this survival instinct or biological imperative, but those be distortions unto themselves. This ray, red in color, is elemental to all furtherance of experience. For it to close in its entirety, no light may shine forth nor shall further distortions created from same template be generated with which propagation of species may occur.


Second distortion, which we shall speak, colored orange, exists to (inaudible) and brief perceptiveness of patterns associated with light shone through red ray. This be called emotions/reactions, and in fundamental remembrance of learnings in red ray experiences one comes to know anger, jealousy, serenity even – a “full belly,” so to speak. It is through recognition of these patterns that orange ray activation occurs, experiential memory sets in place and opens such that we may travel north/forward, if you will, into yellow ray or as your kind have called it, “power center.”


It is here that primary activations occur within your third density, for it is here that understanding of individual manipulation of orange – and thus red – ray energies may occur, expounding upon the memories existent within the orange ray such that planning ahead – strategic thought, if you will – may occur and thus manipulation of the environment in earnest from a space of knowing selfness, knowing individuation from Other Self. It is also in this activation that knowledge of Other Self occur in earnest – although it be truly only an intellectual understanding, if you will, for as only the second of the primary energetic centers, the foundation still be built upon/atop red ray survival instinct, and thus belief through separation that one must utilize self-knowledge in service to that endeavor. Rawest in its form, no knowledge of infinite intelligence exists as yet, nor is there true opening of that which we shall call “love” and Oneness, wholeness, and comprehension that betterment of other truly be betterment of all, and therefore self.


Prior to engaging in further discourse of the remaining four energy centers (that) exist within the mind/body complex of humankind, we should illustrate for you as growing consciousnesses yourself, the measure to which Infinity exists within all, and thereby each specific idea be a container, duplicate and unified measure of Infinity itself.


Rachel: All seven rays?


Yes, Love. Within each ray discussed as chakras/energy centers/colors/prismatic aspects, whichever term best describes them for your purposes – notes on a scale, perhaps – exist also seven same such notes/colors/chakras/energy centers and it is be traversing them in similar fashion that the activation of the parent node or center reach maturation, and thereby full activation, and so on, infinitely deep, wide, and tall, if you will. Do you understand?


Rachel: I’m not sure I do…


You may not activate orange ray energies without first activating within the orange ray itself: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. And this is infinitely true. Fractalized energies, each layer of which containing the full embodiment of the Infinite itself, and so on, infinitely. This is the paradox of Infinite Intelligence, for each and every individual expression of divine perfection be both individual and infinite while containing infinite individual infinities. Do you understand? This is the dance of life and the wisdom of creation, for to understand and be All, all must be created and therefore understood. Shall we continue?


Following yellow ray activation is movement into green ray energy, which is the discovery of love, light, and beginnings of combined unified understanding of Other Self in its infancy. It is in selection of polarity that one’s decision point for learning path to unity of consciousness with all Other Self begins. This has been discussed at some length in previous sessions. Shall we reiterate or move forward, Love? The choice be yours.


Rachel: Let’s move forward, please. Is there anything else in general you’d like to share about the green ray/chakra at this time?


It is here that your kind dances at present, at the precipice of discovery. Some have awoken to its energies and share them now, willingly, in their passion such that others may begin to awaken to their choice prior to the end of cycle and harvest. Following selection of polarity…


Rachel: So it is at this point that one decides which polarity they choose: Service to Self or Service to Others?


At the onset of green ray activation is where self selection of polarity may occur. Upon full experiential learning of green ray activations, (??) move into blue ray energies, which conclude with understanding of proper use of love/light in highest possible servitude to the Infinite. This be the activation of truth, for it is here that the full embodiment and knowledge of self-nourishment through collective integration and service shall meet full understanding of individuated self and nourishment through control of Other Self’s lower four chakra centers. Do you understand?


Rachel: I think so, but would you mind saying it again, in another way?


At the close of blue ray activations in their entirety, blue ray itself be open such that understanding of both Service to Self and Service to Others energetic patterns shall meet and become one. Blue ray requires nourishment in order that it may open, as do all others, of course, and it is via the green ray self-selection of polarity that the means of nourishment through green, and blue activations shall occur. These which you have called Service to Self or Others. Do you understand?


Upon full blue ray activation, we approach true Intelligent Infinity. And it be here that knowledge of all aspects of a given energetic system, patterns, overlays, activations, blockages, be explored with all other such potential combinations and unity may take form. It is here that individualization dissipates such that all energies become wholly available for learning. Do you understand?


Rachel: So are the rays also the densities?


If you must consider them such, the analogy be quite apt, for if you consider the mind/body/spirit complex of humankind, it is the indigo or third eye, if you will, chakra which enables access to universal knowledge and thereby facilitating their application to all other decision points within all other rays within the confines of the perspective of the projector of your reality, do you understand? Same be true of densities themselves. Same be true of each individual chakra, as we have discussed. You begin to see now the infinite application of the 7’s.


Moving forward into the violet, and final waypoint of the 7 – which is universality itself, infinity itself within the confines of this individuated infinity. It is here that the paradox exists, for in coalescing the indigo, all colors again become one, regaining purity as white light, love itself, and thereby their dissolution back into the infinite – ready for the next octave where prismatic fractalization may occur in whatever form the Creator has opted for the distortion of that infinite set of infinite realities.


We have taxed the conduit. The question was posed what blocks and opens each ray. And the answer, as always, be both simple and infinitely complex. In the most basic capacity, blockage occurs through application of choice, whereby a complex of any sort has opted to experience their reality without full activation of a chosen color or center, thereby individuating the experience into unique distortion and therefore a perspective of itself yet unknown to the all-knowing Creator. Do you understand? The same be said for openness, in its inverse, however we believe the simplicity of this answer does not satisfy the requirement set forth by young William, so we shall add, if you will, that it is through experience of removal of all distortions of fear, emotion, selfishness, love, truth, unity, that opening of a particular blockage may occur. Further, it is only through CHOICE that this may occur. Have we spoken sufficiently on this matter at this time?


Rachel: Thank you. I have a question. For example, someone struggling with a blockage in their yellow but has a clear blue – this is possible, obviously…? So the activation/clearing/blockages can be in any order?


This is both correct and incorrect. The usage of the word “struggle” is inappropriate in discussion of experience, for the experience itself is chosen for its distortions. Struggle denotes negative implication, yet no truly “negative” polarity exists. We applaud your understanding, however, that activation of energy centers needn’t occur in order – nor to completion at all, for satisfaction of the selected experience (and therefore, learning) of both the “individual,” if you will, and the Creator. For to speak of perfection is to speak of a lack of imperfection, which would imply something less than infinite. Perfection may not exist without flawed perception of what perfection means – and thus totality and infinite intelligent understanding and experience.