On October 13, 2017, we asked Sera to speak on the polarities of Service to Others and Service to Self.  This is the fourth and final post of several on the subject (Click here to read Part OnePart Two, or Part Three). As it turns out they had a lot to say on the matter!  The questions below were posed by our friends, and we found them to be not only enlightening, but also potentially of great help to others. These are by far the most potent channels we’ve done to date, and we’re absolutely thrilled to be able to share their wisdom with you now.  Rachel anchored the session and Daniel channeled their responses…



Sarah Southerland:

How do I distinguish (between Service to Others/Self)? Do I have to be deep in meditation in order to ensure that I’m hearing a message from STO beings or can I trust that the inspired insights that I feel throughout the day are from them as well?




The answer be different dependent upon the place in which the self is sitting at the engagement with said beings or inspiration, shall we say. It is by being discernment itself, by existing as the positive polarity in its totality, that a knowing be had. Should doubt be held about which frequency is entering her sphere, perhaps meditation or challenging of said beings be necessary for discernment to “key in” on the motivations of the thought form.


Who does it serve? Who do you serve? Do they share a common goal? What is it? These are the questions to be asked. The format of physical engagement matters less than the content of the challenge of acceptance. You see?


Maya KahNah:

1) What is the benefit of encountering a false spiritual teacher?

Of this we have spoken previously, however it bears repeating. The benefits be of recognition of their teaching as necessary balance to the love/light offerings of the positive polarity and as catalyst for the expansion of love unconditional/allowance for all is One. All expressions originate from the Infinite Creation, and as such must be deemed perfect and accepted as a part of the wholeness of that which you represent. One must know danger to appreciate security, shall we say.


2) What motivates a soul to explore the negative polarity?

Motivation always be learning of self in relation to other self, and each polarization offers some expression of this understanding. Blockages exist in higher densities for those who choose to explore the negative polarity, however it is a more rapid undertaking from which to gain foothold for the higher realms. Ascendence may be met more quickly in the short term, however in fifth, sixth densities, their work be greater to achieve wholeness once more.


3) How can a person discern a true spiritual teacher?

All which exists could be deemed a “spiritual teacher,” should you wish.

Discernment, Love — asking, challenging motivations of each teacher such that truth be bared naked and vulnerable.


Why do they teach what they teach? Whom do they serve and why? Where is their destination and what relationship do they hold to those they would inform? What do they “get out of it?” and what shall come of next steps in their teachings?


4) How can a soul heal after being spiritually tricked?

Recognition be key to all such healing. An understanding that integration with love of even negative patterns facilitates healing back into wholeness/One. It is through the expression of these teachings in the positive polarity of acceptance, love that healing itself may occur. Wield these understandings as a means of furthering one’s understanding of your place in the wider realms rather than as a weapon by which to gain advantage over other self. Wield these tools in the building of bridges in between selves instead, such that self and other self no longer be separate.  Do not be afraid, for this does not serve healing as such.


We understand the heart of the question asked by dearest Maya be that of understanding how best to maintain one’s alliance with their chosen polarity when encountering attack, so to speak, from other self. Through recognition of the truth that there be no other self indeed at all, one may come to love that which attacks as the teacher, lover, brother, sister, child at once, and turn their negative teaching – transmute it, so to speak, – to the positive polarity of love acceptance peace and wholeness. Do you understand?

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