False Prophets

False Prophets

On October 13, 2017, we asked Sera to speak on the polarities of Service to Others and Service to Self.  This is the third post of several on the subject (Click here to read Part Oneor here to read Part Two).  As it turns out they had a lot to say on the matter!  These are by far the most potent channels we’ve done to date, and we’re absolutely thrilled to be able to share their wisdom with you now.  Rachel anchored the session and Daniel channeled their responses…

Greetings, Beloveds, our children most dear. We may assist you in any fashion you see fit this evening. We should like to open the session by saying we are proud of the strides you’ve made in gathering your energies in fortitude, with which you have navigated these rather dense onslaughts of energies, frequencies, and balancing of seismic currents — for your Mother grows weary and purges much at this time: a cleansing act of destructive clearing, using chaos as a means of balancing the confusion paradox, beginning forward progress once more, for the harvest grows nearer.  Thus, sides must be picked, do you see? The very fact that the two of you remain intact, weary though you may be, indicates a readiness which had not been present until recently. We applaud you for your stubbornness and clarity of purpose.


Shall we begin?


We may answer any questions at this time, however we wish to inform you that dalliances may deplete energetic reserves such that the working session be shortened. State your intention now to regain harmony and clarify the purpose of this working session.


Rachel: Do Service to Self types masquerade as service to others? If so, what are the hallmarks?


Yes and no. They are brazen in delivering the message associated with their chosen polarity. However, they (or shall we say “we,” for it is all one, you understand) state not their intention clearly at all junctures, thus that confusion be maintained and free will nary be infringed upon, if you see. The choice always exists for questioning tactics and motives, however sweet words and dangling, ripened, juicy fruit often bewitch the disciples of negative polarity such that it never occurs to them to cross-examine their would-be informers, you see? There be no lies outright in the teachings of those seeking ascendant patterns aligned with negative polarity — however omission, misdirection, be the dressing with which they mask the rottenness of the fruit.


Rachel: So they can be ascendence teachers?


Quite, yes.  In truth, it is dangerous to consider these teachings wicked or evil or bad, for they draw one nearer the One Infinite Creator in their own fashion. We must accept and love them as such, for it is not a common goal of all to return to the Source from which we have all come?


Rachel: Service to Self polarity also has the goal of returning to Source?


Indeed. Their goal be ultimately the same as the positive polarity, however the pathways followed be different — the balancing incurred of necessity be wildly divergent in its manifestations. They follow distortions of separateness, dominance — that of enforced teaching/learning — rather than knowledge of other self and thus greater resonance with the frequencies of love, understanding, wisdom, and wholeness. The path be rapid in its ascent, however leaves much balancing in higher densities incurred upon their travels… for the distortions of dominance, elite, and otherness are not indicative of a lack of understanding of what love is or how it must be balanced with light, however, experientially the wisdom with which this balance occurs lags behind broader understanding of self-ness within the construct of Oneness.


It is necessary for these beings to exist as they do in order to provide acceleration of love/light understandings for their siblings on the chosen so-called positive polarity. It is through acceptance of their deviant path that one begins to understand — and indeed love — them for their servitude to the One Infinite Creator, as they do what they do out of same such love as you hold for the wholeness of being. Do you understand? You may have no shadow without light and they reflect back to you the negative aspects of that which you remain unlearned in — in violent, rapacious ways — such that you may begin to recognize these patterns in slightness within yourself and process them experientially such that you may alleviate them in others as it manifests before you. Do you see? This is the path of Servitude to Others. This is why the importance of Service to Self or negative polarity should not be, shall we say, vilified. It should be embraced as catalyst for your own accelerated learning on ascension into further densities of consciousness, thought, awareness, and existence within light/love and togetherness as One. Do you follow?


Rachel: Would you like to speak on the hallmarks of Service to Self ascension teachers?


We should cherish the opportunity, Love.


Rachel: Please do.


Within your world, the distortion of elitism and the creation of fear be the most common tactics employed by those seeking disciples to the negative polarity, for it is in elitism and fear, that separation be most tangibly encountered, so to speak. Through these distortions is dominance achieved. The fourth density understanding of love in its negative polarity be expressed through “masterhood,” dependence, enslavement.


They create a need where none exists. They employ tactics of perceived scarcity such that those they dominate come to believe that their masters be the only source of the abundance they seek — and it is through elitism that they reign in this capacity as the perceived “holders” and distributors of abundance, safety from that which is feared scarce or dangerous.  By creating these belief patterns in their learners, they may draw upon the energy of those in their employ and thus feel love. It is in growing their flocks in this fashion that they themselves ascend to higher densities of consciousness in their chosen polarity. Do you understand?


We should say a most common tactic among your kind is use of the illusions of money, fame, fortune — all be service to the distortion of elitism, which is, as we have spoken, in service to the separateness which is the service to self.  By employing hierarchies and wanton disregard for those who would not follow their teachings, otherness is reinforced and fear be generated anew from which their disciples may feed themselves. Do you see?


Rachel: Sometimes their disciples are of the positive polarity, and they are just confused?


Confusion is the law, Love. Often they seek to confuse those who would self-select the positive polarity, deceiving them into belief that theirs is the path to gratitude, enjoyment, and fulfillment in the dance of ascension in servitude to the One Infinite Creator. However, as we have spoken, this deception is through omission and use of the tactics described. It is a widespread belief on your world at this time that money may remove the fear of separateness, or purchase the means by which you may serve others. However, this deception be flimsy when unfolded such that you discover you create only more servitude to the elite who distribute said wealth. Philanthropy engages and deploys the very system it claims to abhor. It is only through the spread of vibrations of love, acceptance, hope, forgiveness, brotherhood, Oneness — energetically, experientially — that positive polarity gains in momentum, do you see? You may not buy your way into it, so to speak.


Rachel: How do you get to the positive polarity?


By becoming Love itself, Love. Through realization of sameness and thereby realizing Oneness, and thereby realizing existence within Creator himself. It is by spreading Love that you become Love, and thus attract Love and thus the teeming masses indeed operate as One — overcoming the need of isolation indicated by the negative polarity. This is not a war to be won, lost — indeed not a war to be fought at all — merely a decision to be made.  For it is in acceptance of the teachings of the negative polarity that you may become the positive polarity yourself, you see — for it is imperative that acceptance be met in all its forms – each of Creation’s manifestations, for they are all of the One Infinite Creator, you see?


Rachel: Am I of the negative polarity because I have a need for isolation? I get overwhelmed by people…


Your desire be true to gain positive polarity, however many distortions of fear, anger, isolation exist within your personage. It is as designed so that you may learn experientially and thus engage your brothers and sisters such that assistance may be offered through knowledge of love and understanding, rather than a place of “knowing better,” so to speak.


It is common among your kind for the energetically sensitive to be overwhelmed at times with pain, suffering, fear, and emotional solitude created by furtherance of the negative polarity’s goals. No one is immune to these patterns. You understand your isolation in physical proximity is not the same as isolation of the frequencies you carry and the models you bear in each encounter outward. Each display may be a showing of love, acceptance, gratitude and can ripple outward such that it may be discovered, again experientially, by those who may not have otherwise had such offerings.


This is why you have come to heal the healers, why you have chosen soul family as you have — to go to the darkest places, the very sickest of your kind.  For these are the children who are most receptive and in need of the teachings of Service to Others, for in the receiving one learns to give. Do you understand? It is in receiving that one’s yellow ray brightens again from the dim hood of hopelessness, shines brightly with the green ray and acknowledges that one is never truly alone. These are the seeds of Service to Others from which the positive polarity grows. Do you understand?


Rachel: I can see Daniel is embodying the positive polarity more frequently.


Is he, Love? Or is he merely spanning a wider swath of positive polarity vibration? It is not measured in such quantifications. It is or it is not. He sees much — far, wide reaching. Vantage point be one perched higher, however it ignores the detailed frequencies of longing for connection among your kind in the moment, and in greatest times of need — which is always the now, the here. Do you see? You have self-selected these vantage points such that you may engage appropriately the widest flock with the greatest efficacy and perpetuity by engaging at both levels of understanding. Be still your jealousy, for it serves the greater good of your twinhood not.


Each self’s polarity must be self selected and shall not be informed by another.


Rachel: Some would want to stay in the negative polarity?


Yes, Love. Some quite without realizing they ever had a choice in the matter. It is awakening that opens their eyes to choice/control over their own path. However, it is unlikely that one may select a polarity in enough totality to achieve ascension in that polarity without conscious selection of that pattern. This be karmic balancing across lifetimes, for many of your earthling brothers and sisters amass enough knowledge, wisdom, understanding and experiential learning that when the veil be lifted, they self select polarity without judgment or undue ignorance of that which they choose. The veil is an important tool in this regard.



This was an amazing series of channels, and we could not be more excited to share them with you all.  Coming soon, the final installment, which answers some questions from our friends…

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