(This was written by my friend Ali today.  I liked it so much I asked if I could share it here.  It captures so well what’s been happening for many of us since 2020 began.  Weird and wonderful and weary times. ~Daniel)

Girl in the mud.

Girl in the mud.

Shallow spirituality is talking the talk. Deep spirituality is walking the talk. Many are parched, hot and playing on the beach; some are wading in and out on the edges of the shore; some are in the shallow waters (here is where the spiritual ego plays); few have plunged out into the deep, deep waters. But all are One….This is the evolving species…none ‘better than’ the other. Just timed differently. Perfectly choreographed. But, in Truth, already done (dONE). As one ‘individual’ goes deep, it ‘tips the curve’ for the Whole. One in the Deep has the power of ten million on the shore. The Deep Dive is for/as the Whole — it is not done for the ‘self’. The ‘self’ only lives on the shore and plays in the shallow waters (the ‘kiddie pool’)…it cannot exist in the Deep. The True Servant — the embodied Divinity — is anchored in the Deep….she simply collects the parts of the “Whole” in her that are still playing in the shores and shallows. All do this, in perfect timing/lifetimes. Those on the shores and in the shallows are still blind– to varying degrees. They know not what they do. This is all intended. For there would be no reason to leave the shore, leave the shallows — GROW UP and EVOLVE — if the challenges (AKA: opportunities to go Deep) didn’t present themSELVES. The human trying to save the ones on the shores or shallows (the savior), or judge them (the self righteous), or wish them a ‘harsh lesson’ (the vengeance), or keep the ones on the shore ‘comfortable’ with over-compensations (the codependent)– and many other variations of blindness– only winds up back in the shallows or stuck on the shore. In the blind fantasy of ‘separate’.

But what’s happening on the shore is that the air is getting so full of toxic exhaust, and the shallows are so full of mud and excrement that it becomes impossible for the True Servant to exist there. This is all intended. All perfectly orchestrated. She realizes that she, too, is only creating more exhaust in the air, or pissing/shitting in the pool she swims in. She kicks up her own mud — and this, in actuality, is the ‘gift’. For now she must go deep. And she must do this alone. She must take the dive into the uncharted and unknown depths of the ocean…refusing to play the games, or ‘fit in’ on the shore. Let go of her fantasy island dreams and love boat expectations. Return back into the Deep Oceanic All-ness. Into the Purity she is. Into the “I don’t know”. Here, she REALizes, she remembers, that she is Home.

Home is part of the whole ecosystem, the whole interconnected network, for in the PURE DEPTHS, she is back in the embrace of the Angelic Guides — and the Angels are working as an Ineffable Chorus of Light within All. “11”

So don’t worry about the shore. Don’t think about the shallows. STAY DEEP. Breath and Be Deep. Feel. For you Belong here; you’ve always been here; this is HOME….you simply took a trip to the shore in the ‘great, evolutionary experiment’. A perfect journey. Now it’s time to take a vacation from the dry, exhaustive beach, the shallow aspects of yourSELF — return to the Oceanic Awareness you ARE. Not many bodies could exist here before the ‘evolutionary shift’ — but yours is one. Yours is the Glorious New Human Vessel that contains the Divine Oceanic Awareness. Heaven and Earth as One.

The hiding spots are crumbling, the blind spots are being revealed, the Radiating Light shines.As your shallow child is revealed in various ‘acts’ of playing the beach and shallow games — DEEP, PURE BREATH, Spaciousness, returns her to the Oceanic Love of the Adult you are. Do this again. And again. And again. And again….
This is the Resuscitation.
Resurrection. Freedom.