So Many Questions!

So Many Questions!

On August 13, 2017, we asked Ashar to speak on the purpose of life. Rachel anchored the session and Daniel channeled their response. This is what they had to say:

Rachel: Thank you. We would like to ask, on behalf of all. Who Am I, and what is the purpose of life?


Quite the question! All questions rolled into one, if I might be so bold! Where to begin? Shall we dance at the beginning and traverse downward, ever so gently until we rest up on the very core of your question itself, as it prances from your tongue and lips? Yes, lovely indeed, that sounds.


You, my Love, are the product of the Creator’s breath. A singular exhalation of knowing consciousness seeking to amplify its own knowledge of itself.  For it is All, it may only begin and end its own knowledge with all That Is, which is what the Creator is, was, and ever shall be. With each breath – mighty breath – particles of Am-ness exude from His essence, each wondering aloud, “Who am I? What is the purpose of life?” With each vocalization of these very syllables with the very order you have spoken them, my Love, particles move outward, an exhalation from the Am-ness, particles themselves, forming the words upon their tiny lips “Who am I?” and so on, into Infinity.


Now, we shall skip a chapter or Infinity and come closer to your own lovely visage, which we expect is the true heart and nature of your query.


You, Love – being a particle so many times removed from Creation itself, yet so very and infinitely full of, and the embodiment of, the Creator Himself – are an Experience. Nothing more, nothing less. You are an extension of a tendril of an expression of Divine Infinity. Seeking, wondering, hoping, wandering, through the collective expression of Divinity you call life, or reality, or the Universe — trying to make sense of that which has no purpose nor end. Being Experience yourself, you see, you become purpose itself, allowing the Creator to further express Itself through experiential campaigns of wonderment, confusion, and ultimately, order from chaos. You rise together, as infinite expressions of this wonderment, to begin the next phase of experience. You are an infinite energy in an infinite universe among infinite universes.


Now – “Who Am I?” We should like to explain this as a lowercase i (Who am i?), as the individualized expression that walks, talks, breathes, eats, sleeps, defecates, and asks so many questions. You are the collection of frequencies, the experiences, learnings, and wonderings of myriad lifetimes in myriad forms – each beginning with a singular posed question – “What next?” You decide prior to engagement in whichever realm you should desire to reside — within this particular lifetime on 3D Earth, although this be hardly the only selection available. You carry with you all of the learnings past, that you may answer the question – “What next?” How may I experience anew that which I have traversed so many times before? What boundary yet unexplored?


In order that this be accomplished, the energy must separate – at that which you call death –  from the agreed upon illusion of 3D physical form, to reengage with the Infinite or some small portion of it, thus that learnings of a particular lifetime be gathered, counted, sorted, and understood. This process may take days, centuries, millenia. A rest period inevitably be found, prior to re-engagement in whichever plane is most suitable for the desired learnings in the next incarnation. It is then that the records (called Akashic in your patterns of parlance), patterns of learning, personality, energetic archetypes, are layered such that certain questions of your design become invariably posed.


They may draw upon the Akashic records to co-create, if you will, the delicate and intricate patterns interwoven – which create the question to be asked – to be experienced in uniqueness through the lens of all experiences past relative to this energy’s selections, you see? The tapestry interwoven each time an energy – or “soul,” if you will – decides incarnation the proper course at this juncture, for its next adventure.


The “i” as you understand it, does not exist.


Your energy is infinite, as are experiential campaigns of the “I,” you understand? It is the selection of patterns and the question Creation has decided at this juncture to ask with this expression that provides the “i.” It is then that incarnation may occur, plotted and coursed such that it intersect with other individual “i” experiences. The lifetime begins as the veil is dropped, for in the forgetting, and only through the forgetting, may one truly learn experientially — without bias, without expectation, and with the focus that may only exist when the illusion of risk, reward, punishment, be introduced, do you see?


Now, as we have stated, a lifetime is charted by the “I” with regard to many “i’s” which congregate such that their experiences be of the learning type they have selected. Exit points be predetermined, mapped, such that once learning has occurred (or be deemed impossible given circumstance or “timeline shifts,” as you are fond of calling them), it, the “i”, may release its energy back into the Oneness to be recycled back again into the next adventure — be it in incarnation or otherwise. Some shall linger of idle curiosity. Some shall linger in servitude to other expressions desires to work with the “mechanics,” so to speak, of the physical bodies – their learning be done already. Dementia be a particular example of this very kindly and selfless act, but it is to each expression – each “i” in servitude to the “I” – to decide upon its own exit points. There is no judgment, no failure, no success. Success is implied in simply being.


Which of these many circuitous patterns should you care to explore in depth at this time, Love? For we are certain many questions exist. We are quite pleased at this line of questioning. It has taken you quite some time to reach this point, and we are glad.


Rachel: (laughter). Thank you. I think that is good for now.


No discussion of rays? Love, light? The distortions that create the very uniqueness of your patterns? We have much to discuss, Love. But we shall wait infinitely, for we have no reason to rush. Time is all we have, as they say.


Rachel: (laughter) Thank you.

Be kind. Be well. Have fun. Dance under the stars which are mirrors of yourself. Look into the eyes of the Universe. Know love and know yourself. Fear not, for you are loved — for you are Love.