On August 28, 2017, we asked The Chorus to speak on Angelics on Earth. Rachel anchored the session and Daniel channeled their response. This is what they had to say:

Rachel: May I ask about Angelics?


We live to serve and serve to live. We require a point of clarification. Is it the belief in Angels that you wish to discuss, or the presence of that which you call Angelics on your planet?


Rachel: The presence of that which we call Angelics on this planet.


The presence of that which you call Angelics on your planet is an interesting case indeed, for it is the truest of form of “wanderer,” in your parlance. An Angelic being decides upon visits to the lower realms it behooves them to do so at crux points in the energetic patterns of your galaxy’s movement through the Universe where the density of information contained in “energetic particles,” so to speak, is at its highest. Those are the times when your kind can be best reached and patterns be most easily (inaudible), for it is in our best interest, as yours, to see humankind, as it were, arise above itself and become One again with the Cosmos. We wish only the highest good for our brothers and sisters below such that our own kind – such as (redacted) – may visit and occupy the form of a human being for a lifetime or several — encountering the same range of emotions contained within a more typical human life cycle, reporting back their findings to those on most high, such that guidance from above be more gainfully approached, do you understand?


Rachel: I’m not sure. The guidance be… what?

Be more finely tuned to the needs of the planet at that juncture, and be better heard by the frequencies present by those who would listen to and hear. It is healing of the highest sort, for to walk among the humankind is to know them. As they be known, they learn the frequencies of love, light, forgiveness, healing, such that they be integrated into their own patterns for lifetimes to come.


Rachel: Are all Twin Flames also Angelics?


The Twin Flame itself may only be carried by those who have visited the Angelic realms for a “span of time,” so to speak. However, not every Angelic chooses to do so (become a Twin Flame).


The Angelics occupying your realms at this time have chosen to come such that they may “heal the world,” as we have spoken. It is worth conversating on their origins, however. We should like to explore this in depth with you at this time, should Daniel allow it to occur.


(Daniel nods)


The “Angelics,” as you call them, are higher beings, of course, for they exist in dimensions untold to most of your species’ consciousness. They have ascended many times beyond your own sphere of reckoning – existing in no material plane as recognized within your patterns of understanding. It is easiest to explain this thusly: they occupy spaces between consciousness, outside of incarnation itself. (They are) beings of pure Light — whose only intention is to serve the One Creator in the capacity of Love, Light and Ascendance for all “lower” distortions so that they may carry their findings back “upward,” so to speak, nearer the One Creator once again — for that is the ultimate mission, of course, for us all. As One, as we exist within Him/without Him — do you understand? We are expressed of His curiosity, wonderment and the ignited flame of His creative energy. Our mission is expression of His love.  If you must place a geometry on these so called “Angelics,” you may say that they exist beyond the sphere nearest the distortion of your designated sub-logoi, between the spaces between the octaves contained in the Arch Logos. It is theirs to herald the knowings and learnings of each expression of distortion beneath, upward, through their own sub octave, into the next highest realm. Then it be reported back, and so on into Infinity, back to the Creator’s will itself, eventuating into Nothingness, sating the curiosity through Creation only. This is a process occurring throughout universes limitless. Each Logos, each Logoi, listening to the next, and so on, singing in chorus through the Arch Logos. Do you see?


(Daniel being shown things: “Wow. Holy shit.”)


Rachel: What is a Logos?


It is dependent upon your perspective, Love. It may be many things. The easiest to say is your knowing of Earthly Gods. Rather we should extend that to a more nominal viewpoint, saying as it represents your solar system, then galaxy, then galaxies and so on, outward, into Infinity. Each Logos is home to a myriad of Logoi, sub-Logoi, (inaudible) beneath his sphere of influence. Do you see? You yourself employ the title of Logos for millions upon millions of individuated expressions living within your physical consciousness at this time. Same such be extended outward to Earth, Sun, and beyond. Do you see? Outward to Infinity, back into Nothingness. It is when these in between beings – these reporters, heralds – see fit to embody a sub-expression for the purpose of manifesting great learning within, that “Angels” walk upon your Earth. And you are such beings, Love. You be immune to the veil no more or less than others, for these are the rules of engagement.


Rachel: What is an Arch Logos?


A Logos containing sub-Logoi. So in essence, All. You are an Arch Logos to many sub-Logoi yourself. You are Angelic. Two expressions within your embodiment of His chosen expression of “you-ness.” Same said without, stretching ever outward, you see?


We are no more or no less than you yourselves, Love, or any other expression of consciousness. It is Angelic presence only insofar in that it has “scaled down the ladder,” so to speak, to provide internal healing for the Logos it serves.


(Daniel is shown a white blood cell as a metaphor)


Rachel: (noticing Daniel tilting head to far left) Is this Ashar?


The chorus speaks as All, Love. Beyond the namings provided prior. Your conduit reaches higher. We have met him where he stands. For he is one of us and we have awaited his call. Your call. “Sa-Ra-Hem” we be named for this conversation, if you like.