On July 29, 2017 during a live channeling session, a client asked Sera about masturbation.  Rachel anchored the session and Daniel channeled Sera’s response. This is what she had to say (reprinted with permission of the client):

Hold Your Love

Hold Your Love

The very individuated manifestation of the practice of self-love, the actualization of self-love, is indeed in the physical form of auto-eroticism. The notion that this is somehow a dirty, selfish, or otherwise unsavory act is one perpetuated only by the fear that self-love itself, as an idea, is less than savory — meaning one does not believe that the self is worthy of love, when in fact this is the cornerstone of all external indications of love as well. It is where it must begin. Now, we do not say that masturbation is the cornerstone of a loving relationship, of course. We simply say that thoughts, ideas, (and) intentions are manifest unto themselves, and any such practice taken purely for the pleasure of the vessel and at none other’s expense – one keyed into the frequency of love rather than possession, domination, or self-loathing – will be repeated back onto the self, perpetuating their love in multiplicity. Do you see our meaning?


Querant: Is it ok to watch porn?


The external stimuli matters less than what you do with it. Does it make you feel lovable, does it make you feel love? Do you feel that the individuals engaging in the acts on your screen are doing so coming from a place of kinship, as it were, in the human species? Are they sharing energies of abundance, clarity, and exploration of what it is to be an expression of love? Or are they engaging purely in physical gratification for the return of monetary gain or the subjugation of another divine expression?


Querant: I don’t know.


It matters not for your purposes. What matters is what you believe them to be engaging in, do you see? For you control not their efforts, their attitudes, or prejudices, toward sexual encounter. However, you do control your own attitudes, intentions for this. Believe them to be in a loving embrace and to be expressing the beautiful union between individuated entities – expressions of divine creation – then it is so, and you may draw from that energetic pool as you will to, so to speak, “fill your own cup.”


Querant: What if I can only have an orgasm when watching porn?


Perhaps it would be best to masturbate to thoughts of yourself. Try this as an exercise!


To be clear, we do not suggest abstaining from a practice which brings you great pleasure. This would be counter to the measures we are suggesting. In fact, we suggest merely that you use this exercise to identify self-loathing practices and reshape them such that the reward of orgasm is achieved through positive momentum rather than through any negative emotive patterns, do you see? Orgasms are “fun,” and fun is to be had! It is one of the pleasures of residing within the body as you do, and we wish we could enjoy it from time to time ourselves, truth told. However, the energy behind your thoughts is where we may help you. Use this exercise of pleasure to regain knowledge that you are worthy of love, are love, and are comprised of nothing but love. All else is illusory, and only serves to maintain the illusion of separation. This is a fruitful exercise when used properly. So yes, please masturbate at will. And please do consider how you may use this opportunity to your best advantage to regaining selfness within the Oneness, so to speak, for you are always enough, Loved One – without exception, without fail. You are always enough as you are. You could not possibly be any other way.


Querant: I heard it said in a video that to masturbate is like sending your energy out and away from your union….


Union exists within the self – and the self, the union, and love are not finite in their capacity, nor their quantity, so it is quite literally impossible — without accepting their illusory separateness as truth — for that to occur.