On July 14, 2017, we asked Sera to speak on the Archetype of Child: Orphan.  This was intended to be the first in a series exploring Archetypes, using Caroline Myss’ “Archetype Cards” as a basis for conversation. The conversation went far deeper than expected, and we are excited to explore these new directions moving forward.

Rachel anchored the session and Daniel channeled Sera’s response. This is what she had to say:


Archetype Child:Orphan

Archetype Child:Orphan

Rachel: Thank you. Hello… Sera?


S: Yes, Love. Allow us to reset the conduit… Your chorus speaks as Sera, as you say. Shall we begin?


(Daniel and Rachel reset Daniel)


S: Greetings, Love. It has been a while since our last discussion.


Rachel: (Laughing) Since last night?


S: Yes, Dear.


Rachel: We would like to ask about the archetype of the Child: Orphan. The Light Attributes shown on the card are…  

S: No need to speak further, for we have gazed into the question prior.


Orphan Child is a stage of development for your kind. Quite an archetype. A middling stage, if you will. Usually attainable by those approaching the midway point of their third density growth patterns, and residing primarily between the Yellow and Orange locales of your energetic experiential system. Already, a mastery of the Red – survival – has been attained. Physicality is no longer a mystery. They seek to explore the realms between emotional balance and power within the illusion of separation. Much work remains to be done in the Yellow realms, thus that emotions be controlled, sitting atop survival skills gained in lifetimes prior. “Sitting atop” a root, as it were. Foundational. However, emotional complexes are not of a newness to these beings. They have been explored in childlike fashion previously, but mastery is not yet at hand, you see? They reach upward at the power contained in the sacral system utilized and developed atop emotional frequencies: lust, anger, primal emotive frequencies, you see? This is the first step to mastery of such — into the only chakral system truly belonging to the Oneness in illusion of separation from All That Is, yet within control of the physicality that has been mastered, do you understand? This is done in preparation for movement into wider realms of otherness, a return to the wider notion of belonging and wholeness with the energetic system of your illusion at large. Not yet into the Green heart system of given Love — and clearly short of truth-saying Blue — which is a descriptor of why these Shadow Attributes described in your card are present.


Association with discordant frequencies, “false families,” if you will, thus that stretching into belonging again begins… but it is done under pretense, under identification of identities not their own: identifications gathered from external stimuli rather than focal points of both belonging to Oneness and the power center within – which is the locus of the solitude illusory system, you see?


It is a midpoint of the cycle of the free-will experiment into mastery of the illusion, corresponding emotive patterns into mastery of Oneness — into giving — and on up to the upper systems, eventuating again to infinity-witnessing.


Rachel: Infinity-witnessing? Are you referring to the crown chakra… purple?


S: Yes. We prefer Violet. (continuing) Patterns are overlaid on the personality matrix, based on experiential learnings, based on lifetimes past. Different layering is necessary to attain the new lessons in your classroom.


Rachel: Does one choose to experience multiple archetypes in a lifetime? And do they stay within a certain color theme, i.e. all yellows, or do they explore different colors?


S: It is a frequency that must be matched and attuned to all of the color systems. Mastery of one does not indicate the lack of presence of another, or a stagnation of learning within them, rather it indicates a series of growth patterns achieved.  Each system, while operating individually, is acutely attuned to all others – and only through balance throughout is infinity wisdom made available.


Upward, each must move, layering experiential lifetime achievements and learnings atop the necessitated questions for the next lifetime. No pattern is truly lost, lifetime to next… however, the more deeply layered they become, the more intricate the patterns it has viewed. Skyward do the light patterns reach, emitting from your source as they reach ever upward… grids upon grids — layered — each its own density, thickness, pattern.  Light escaping through the holes, new learnings opening passageways beneath, as experiential learning occurs. Always changing, the 3d matrix of experiential certitude. From this pattern of light emission through layered “grids”, so to speak, patterns emerge which identify the unique learnings of this particular soul relative to all others surrounding this essence, together forming a wider fabric — which is oft described as your Akashic Records — fabric of space, time, experience. Do you see? Ever reaching upward, until the matrices may be released back into the Oneness, all to be absorbed into the wholeness of experiential infinity from whence you came and now return. This is the grand experiment.


Rachel: Does this “grand experiment” exist on different planets, realms, dimensions, etc… or is it specific to Earth?


S: Infinity, Love. Ever higher, into infinity and beyond into nothingness.