Wanna Be a Healer?

Please allow me to heal you.
Please allow me to heal you.

Consider this…the root of the word “health” is “whole.” Therefore, a healer isn’t always someone who diagnoses disease or performs surgery. A healer is anyone who helps others to become whole, who guides them back to what they’ve really always been.

Fear is the great separator, the great divider. Fear in the guise of unworthiness — that a natural gift or joy won’t pay the bills, or that others will mock our skill in practicing it — separates us from our joy and takes us away from wholeness/health.

Want to be a healer? Contact an old friend and remind them of something they loved doing as a younger version of themself. Tell them that you remember how much laughter and delight it brought them. Encourage them to pick that activity up again today.

Voila. You’re a healer. You’ve brought them closer to wholeness and to health… no student debt required.