On Projection…

Holy projection, Batman!
Holy projection, Batman!

Humans are empathic by nature, although many don’t recognize it beyond feeling low when seeing another cry. That doesn’t mean they aren’t subject to its wider ramifications, however, any more than you are as a Knowing empath.

When someone is projecting negativity your way, always remember a few things.
1) This person may be unknowingly picking something up from you and mirroring it back. Check your own vibration and for errant thoughts you may be unwittingly putting out there.
2) You both may be picking up something external. Energy doesn’t respect walls or personal space on the sidewalk. If you’re both feeling a bit victim-y, there is a good chance you’re tuned in to someone or something else entirely.
3) They may just be plain old projecting… in which case, you’re over the target. Tread carefully. Projection results from fear based energetic structures meant to encapsulate, isolate and enclose wounding. Energetic scar-tissue with a bite, if you will. This is a defense mechanism, and often an important one for the person’s well being. Discern carefully whether this projection is an invitation to healing or an essential “don’t touch me there.”
4) Be mindful to not replicate and multiply the negative output. Now is the time for compassion, not mirroring.