Intuitive Pursuit

Big Money, No Whammies!
Big Money, No Whammies!

Here’s a small tip for exercising your intuition muscle. Find a multiple choice trivia quiz on a subject you have no knowledge or interest in. Read questions thoroughly, as if you were actually taking the quiz. Now read each of the multiple choice answers, paying attention to where you feel them in your body.

Do your best NOT to engage your brain or think about which one you Think is correct. Choose the one that FEELS “right,” and see how often it’s also the correct answer. As you do this a few times, you can begin to isolate how the “right” answers feel (it feels round in my forehead and belly for me — like it “fits” perfectly). This is the feeling of Knowing.

You’re welcome!

New Studio Location!

The ink should be dry by now, so I feel safe in sharing that I’ll officially be giving treatments out of a new studio in San Francisco! I’ll be sharing space with the wonderful folks at A Return to Health: South Shaolin Qi Gong & Chinese Medicine in the absolutely gorgeous Flood Building at 870 Market Street, Suite 309 — just spitting distance from Powell St. BART! I’m through the roof about this!

Angela and Sharon are universe class healers (I’m hoping to trick Angela into teaching me more Qi Gong), the location is absolutely perfect and it finally feels like the San Francisco annex of Kali-Ki Wisdom School has a home that isn’t also my living room.

I’ll begin taking sessions there on the 15th of this month!


Marianne Williamson signed my ACIM

77) I am entitled to miracles.
A Fellow Student
A Fellow Student

I saw Marianne Williamson speak tonight in San Francisco at Manny’s. I don’t play politics too often these days, but I’ll support her message on whatever platform is available. She is out to change the American consciousness in so many kind, honest ways.

PS: She’ll be here again next Friday, the 23rd.
PPS: This is really just an excuse for me to post a picture of her autograph on my copy of A Course in Miracles.  How cool is that?  She was extremely gracious in signing it, even seeking out a Sharpie especially for the occasion.

A Channeled Workshop with Paul Selig

Paul Selig
Paul Selig

I attended a channeled workshop/attunement by Paul Selig at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Berkeley this Sunday. In all my years of wearing this name, (that’d be 46) I have never experienced such energetic movement while conscious. I remain, some hours later, dumbstruck and consciously vibrating. I’ve closely followed his work for years but was not prepared for the space cleared by the Guide’s deceptively simple messages of Truth and rising above. Everyone needs to experience this.

If you’re not yet familiar with Mr. Selig, I strongly suggest beginning with his first text, I am the Word. If you are already on board, don’t miss a chance to experience it person. Your life is going to change, and this just might prepare you for it.

I like to consider myself fairly in tune most of the time, but during the Q&A I received a personal message from the Guides which has left me shaken, stirred, and beyond eager to claim the new at the expense of what has been known… more on this when my words return to me.

On the Path to Master Teacher

The Reiki lineage I practice (Kali-Ki) has deeper roots in Tantric Meditation than it does in traditional Usui Reiki. As I work to become a Master Teacher now, it dawns on me that the very programmed, hopelessly addicted young man I was would never have believed the path I’ve chosen — dedicating large portions of my life to a healing modality all about Shakti and consciousness raising.


That said, I couldn’t be happier with it. I had the privilege/honor of assisting Kalisara (pictured) again at the Wisdom School’s Reiki 3 intensive this weekend, and it was fantastic…the students were eager, attentive and wide awake.  I was taken (again) at the teachings continued unfolding in repeated tellings.  It makes me realize not only how far I’ve come, but how much I still have left to learn.

I have no real point here aside from sharing my joy.  This was an amazing weekend and I’m feeling all blissed out from it.  I can’t wait to see where this all leads.