Daniel Steven Metaphysics


Generous and Caring

Daniel has a gift and a gentle and intuitive way with people. I could tell right away he was a generous and caring person who is respectful of each persons' integrity and privacy. His debrief session, in which he related back his insights regarding my chakras, felt spot on and for several nights after the reiki I had revelatory and inspiring dreams that unfolded further self insight.
ZoeSan Francisco
My reading with Rachel and Daniel was a profound experience that marked a turning point in my life. Not only did the beautiful report clearly answer every question I asked, but it answered many of the deeper questions that I have never stated aloud. The reading clarified my soul purpose, outlined my next steps, and offered a healing frequency. I will cherish it for years to come. As a psychic myself, I know when I encounter the real deal, and this is it!
Maya KahNahMichigan

I Cherish This Experience

I woke up this morning to an email I genuinely feel held the core of my life's essence and truth. Everything I'd understood and intuited about myself and my purpose from all the way back to the earliest days of my childhood was there. I feel like I was able to finally glimpse myself from beyond just the physical, human perspective. It felt, reading what Daniel channeled, like I'd been pulled up and away from where I am now, and was allowed to see for a brief moment from the most unclouded vantage.

And the amount of detail -- in what was only a mini-reading -- is incredible. 10/10. I'd love and fully intend to see what a fuller reading is like with Daniel, Rachel, and Sera.

If not also because they are very open and kind and loving people/souls to just talk to. I cherish this experience and look forward to witnessing the success undoubtedly in their future, and the expansion of their reach and platform.

I sincerely encourage you to go ahead and ask some questions.

My Questions Were Answered

Everything was really personal. I got positive vibes from the entire reading. I really liked everything from Sera, and the card readings give a different angle that can apply to so many different aspects of your life.

My questions were answered. Even (my husband) is quietly and secretly listening to some of the guidance which is hilarious to me because he hasn't spoken about it. His attitude has changed, and so some of his actions have changed. It was really well done. Everything was spot on.

Great Insight

Together Rachel and Daniel bring great insight into the countless possibilities of life. They have shown me light of their gifts by way of their unique talents. I will take their advice and move forward with my "creative pursuits and personal developments".


I highly recommend With Sera! Straight SOUL FOOD to feed delicious consciousness.

My reading was powerful and quite simply a beautiful reading of what was written on the walls of my hearts. Thanks for finding what we seek and often miss.

No Fluff

A wonderful pure connection, with a well timed mini-reading 🙂 For those seeking insight and "no fluff", Rachel and Daniel are certainly those I would recommend. A pleasure to connect with you guys ♥

Rich, Sensitive, On-Point Insights and Guidance

I'm deeply grateful to Rachel and Daniel for their sincere and beautiful mini reading, providing me with rich, sensitive, on-point insights and guidance. The messages that I received deeply resonated with me and still provide spiritual and practical guidance even weeks after the reading. I'll be glad to connect with you again for a full reading. Love and blessings!

Contained Things That Had Only Been Spoken Privately

Thank you for the beautiful reading! (My spouse) said that he hadn’t consciously thought of these things but when he read it, but he realised that it had all been within his subconscious mind.

It amazes me that the reading contained things that had only been spoken privately between us, and some things which really confirmed what I had felt personally. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but the reading was spot on for us. It left me with a feeling of calm and an overwhelming feeling of love.

This reading has reinforced my faith in connection to the Divine and also reminded (my spouse) and I of the deep unity between us, so thank you!

Ready to Serve the World

They channeled an incredible message for my Twin and I, which was not only accurate, but it gave us the perspective we needed to maintain harmony. I have stopped trying to understand my Twin and started celebrating our differences. We are in such a beautiful place because of their help. Please don't go to them if you are looking for validation. The message you receive will be what you need to hear, and possibly not what you want to hear. So examine yourself and make sure that you are ready for the pending message. Daniel and Rachel are legit Twin Flames in Union, ready to serve the world.

Significant Turning Point

I received a channeling session with a full card reading by Rachel and Daniel, regarding several aspects of my life I currently needed clarity on and I was certainly given that, and more. It was like having a light switched flicked on in my head. I also feel I have formed a close bond with Rachel and one I hope will continue as I follow my path and purpose. The most wonderful thing of all is to finally speak to someone who understands what I am going through!! I found her to be open, warm and loving all the time.

The information sent to me was incredible. I was also blown away and amazed at Daniel’s channeling with Sera and the depth of messages he received; It has given me a sense of purpose on how to move forward more with my life at this present time. Ultimately though, I gained something more important than just information; the realization of having to go within myself to work things out, and focus more on me which I have not been doing. I am definitely hoping I can have another session with Rachel and Daniel; they are truly blessed individuals with a wonderful gift they wish to share with others.

Rachel and Daniel, thank you for the kindness and love you have shown, and giving me this beautiful gift, I am so grateful.
RachelUnited Kingdom

Spot on!

I have known Rachel for years and I have found her readings for me and my Twin Soul journey to be always right on point. With the introduction of Daniel in her life, Rachel's work is even stronger and more profound. The combined energies of Rachel and Daniel make a most powerful union, both professionally as well as personally. In terms of the reading I received from Rachel and Daniel regarding me and my Twin Soul relationship, it was spot on! I could not recommend them with more confidence - or enthusiasm.

Gave Me Comfort and Peace

The reading I received was very informative and it gave me a lot to think about. So many times I think I want to know 100% when and how something will happen. Whether or not the guy I care for is really "the one" or not, but this reading reminded me that I don't need to know everything that will happen in the future. I need to focus on living in the moment and slow down. The past, present, and future love card reading was so accurate. Daniel is amazing at channeling and the messages he received from my mom made me smile. He said something regarding my mom, that there was no way he could have known I had been thinking about. What he said gave me comfort and peace. This was a really thorough and well put together personalized reading. Rachel, Daniel, and their guide Sera are truly gifted. Thank you!

Find your Truth, and Soul Purpose

I highly recommend Rachel and Daniel for their intuitive insight and advice in helping you to find your truth, and soul purpose. Loved connecting with these two bright Stars!!

My Life Has Forever Been Changed

Wow guys! This reading and channeled message is exactly what I needed to remind me and confirm the thoughts that I have had on every single question that I asked. This has helped me tremendously...You guys are a blessing to myself and the rest of humanity, thank you for finding each other and bringing the memories and connections back to others. I have never had such a clear and comprehensive reading in this lifetime and for that I am so grateful for. My life since first writing to you both has forever been changed...by connecting the way you both do...I have finally connected with myself and able to recognise what is me amongst all the voices and feelings I bring in being such a empath in a chaotic but beautiful world! Bless you both so much…

Exactly What I Needed to Hear